Nike Kyrie 1 Basketball Shoe Review

This is a good shoe for fast movers and corner cutters, but can be too tight to be comfortable for some. There is great traction and potential for this line to grow and for Kyrie to reach even higher levels of superstardom.

The aesthetic design overall is very appealing and the heel clip especially is eye catching due to its lifestyle appearance to make it seem more wearable off court. The solid but flexible upper helps the shoe keep it’s shape going around tight corners but can make the shoe difficult to put on and take off.

The outsole is all traction with the exception of a small circle in the middle that has Kyrie’s Nike Initials inside. With the traction rising up the sides and front of the shoe as well, this shoe is ideal for making tight turns without losing grip or any of the push off speed.

The strap that holds the front of the shoe across the toes is very effective, maybe too effective. If you have a wider foot than normal, the strap will most definitely be uncomfortable or even painful. If your foot is average, it may only be uncomfortable, or simply make the shoe difficult to put on.

Overall, this is a good shoe if your foot is of regular size, but if your foot is not, this shoe may become uncomfortable and sometimes painful. However, if you can wear this shoe, it is great for moving around the court to help give you an edge around your opponents.