Snoop Dogg – Neva Left Review

This project is way back classic Snoop. Everything about this is West Coast magic that shows that the title is totally correct and that Snoop is still a force to be reckoned with.

The production is great with plenty of scope for the content. Each beat is individual but with plenty of West Coast flavour to take it back to those old days. With the goal in mind to show that Snoop never left his roots, there are no issues with this release.

The lyricism is even more classic Snoop with his legendary flow lifting this to new heights. His rhymes might not be the most complex, but they have passion and a unique delivery to help increase the entertainment value. There are no issues with the performance from Snoop on this.

The features are amazing and help keep the West Coast flavour alive. Each puts in a good effort and shows their own skills, while having great chemistry with the main artist. The selection make the perfect atmosphere and could not be improved in any major fashion.

Overall, this is an enjoyable and entertaining mix of currant talent and old school feels that makes a great album. Snoop Dogg should be happy and proud of what he has put out here.

W!sh – Get Right Or Get Left Review

This is a very enjoyable project to listen to that should propel W!sh into a higher level of fame. It has catchy beats, clever lyricism and a hungry rapper at the helm. Everything a good project needs.

The production is good and has everything an enjoyable mixtape needs. The sounds are a mixture of retro and modern but blended to make the music sound deep and reverberating enough to stick in your brain. If it had some more range into emotional, then it might be a more complete project, but overall, this is a great project for production.

The lyricism is clever and is thoroughly imbedded in every track. All the lyrical devices are smart while not going over heads which opens up the tracks to a wider audience to enjoy. W!sh has all the right things when it comes to the actual rapping, he just needs to explore some more emotions to make a more complete project.

The features are good too, bringing another dimension to the project. Each expands the track and shows that W!sh is good at working with others. They each put in some good work and help contrast against W!sh to help make this a more enjoyable project.

Overall, this is a great mixtape and shows that W!sh is going to be a great rapper. Whether he gets recognised is another matter, but he shows he has the skills to write a great verse and put together a great song so lets hope he does.