Chief Keef – Bang Three Part Two Review

If you love repetition, you will love this album. If you were expecting something different from Keef or something that doesn’t sound formulaic, then you have chosen wrong.

The production is loud and sills the space on the track, but comes across mostly as noise. The backing is very much just sounds to fill the space where Keef is not saying anything. Trying something fresh and something that doesn’t sound like it was created by numbers could show growth in his music making.

The lyricism is straight forward with only a few moments of greater things. There is a lot of empty space on these tracks hat Keef could have filled with more lyrical techniques to beef up his own showcase. An attempt to improve his rap skills may spurt him on to greater things.

The choice to have only one feature means that Chief Keef can put in more of his own rhymes. However this choice does mean that He needs to actually show how good he is instead of just putting almost anything in. Lil B does do a good job on his guest spot however.

Overall, this is a poor album that is only enjooyable if you absolutely loved the first part. Chief Keef needs to move on and try to bring something new to his performance.

Mac Miller – GO:OD AM Review

This album is fantastic and shows great growth from Mac Miller. He crafts this album with stories of personal journey and uses his life experiance to make relatable tales.

The production is great as it does not override the rhymes while being creative and enjoyable. The beats are all different from each other while keeping the signiture sound of Mac Miller. He has chosen backings that accentuate his talents and make really great tracks.

The lyricism is good and helps with the descriptive portion of storytelling. Mac Miller uses a range of techniques to heep his raps fresh and interesting to the listener while being able to get his point across with a good amount of impact. Maybe some more variation in his delivery could enhance some moments, but he certainly does not slack on this album.

The features bring a good comparison to the project as they all bring good verses that push Miller on. The performances they pull off all help show that they are more than competant and that they can compete with Mac Miller as a great MC. Some more guests from different genres could make some amazing moments as Miller has a lot of crossover skills, but he has chosen guests well for this project.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable and entertaining album that has plenty of replay value and is more than worth the wait. Mac Miller should be proud of fighting his struggles as well as making a great album.

Gucci Mane – Trapology Review

This mixtape starts off strong but loses momentum as it goes on. The begining has a lot more passion in the rhymes whereas at the end, there is a lot less flare in the delivery.

The production is excellent and fits well with what Gucci Mane is trying to achieve. It is trap beats at thier finest which is exactly what Gucci is known for. A few more backings with a different twist would show more of a diversity in his ability, however Gucci Mane is keeping to what he knows while doing it better than everyone else.

The lyricism is not great by Gucci Mane but it is still enjoyable in context. While every song may have similar content, Gucci does enough to make each diverse with some variety and plenty of features. Gucci may want to try a few new things to keep his music fresh, but his core audiance will still enjoy this a lot.

The features are great on this project and really help to make it as good as it is. With some bigger names than usual and more of a variety of styles, this mixtape has a higher class of guests. There are no flaws with this selection as they are the best part of this effort.

Overall, this is an entertaining and enjoyable mixtape that is keeping Gucci Mane’s high volume of output going. It may have a problem with keeping the effort up, but is still great to listen to.