Schoolboy Q -Blank Face LP Review

This album has tracks for everyone but not necessarily in a cohesive order. Every track is interesting, but not all have a high level of replay ability.

The production is varied and allows plenty of scope for Schoolboy Q to work with. Each has its own feel, but some carry extremely similar elements. On a full listen through, it can sound disjointed because of the track similarities, but is still enjoyable.

The lyricism is strong with passion filling every bar of Schoolboy Q’s rhymes. He may not always have the most complex lyrics but he gets his message across with such belief that the listener feels through their whole body. Maybe some changes in flow could make some more exciting moments, but there are no real issues with the raps on this.

The features are great and add a lot to this project. Each puts in a good performance, and help to push the tracks to further greatness. Most come off well and show the connections that the main artist has made in the Hip Hop world. No problems with selection here.

Overall, this album has a lot of good things about it and will have songs that will appeal to everyone at some point. Lets see where Schoolboy Q takes this momentum next.

Major Lazer – Peace Is The Mission Review

This album is full of positive energy to help anyone get through thier day. There are influences from a few genres while Major Lazer keeps his signiture sound and weaves a great tapestry and energetic tunes.

The production is amazing and smooth. Each track is definitive in its uniqueness and has its own feel while sharing the same positiveness. There is a good range of fast to slower tracks without any negative energy and this helps make this an easy to listen to project.

The lyricism is enjoyable and is not tied down to one genre. There is singing, rapping and everything in between to make the songs on this album. This all leads towards an album that is cohesive and stays interesting until the very end. It does start to lean more towards pop than the influences it starts with but the words on this all help to make the tracks as fantastic as they are.

The features on this album all work together very well to make a projct that merges a lot of different elements to make a tracklist of very cohesive music. Each artist brings some of thier own flavour to the tracks and flourishes over production that is worked to gel with the artists performance. The choice of guests is flawless with no mis steps from any of them.

Overall, this album contains a lot of highs and no lows. The team behind this should be extremely happy about how this project turned out and listeners should be looking forward to how great this project truly is.

Berner and B-Real – Prohibition Review

If you want to listen to weed smoking music made by weed smokers, this is a good place to start. Both artists are known for their high flying smoking status and coming together to make this project is a good recipe for single topic songs. While it is only 8 tracks long, this helps keep the project interesting to the listener for the time it is on. This is much better than a longer project in the same vein which would be boring by the end.

The lyricism is present on all tracks and, while it may not be why you would listen to the project, it does help to keep you in tracks that are playing. B-Real comes across as the more lyrically inclined, but Berner isn’t slouching either. It all helps to tie together all the tracks under the drug theme.

The production is laid back and on a relaxed wavelength as you listen through. It may not calm you down without the use of narcotics it so advises, but in comparison to todays popular culture it is positively soothing. obviously, it picks up in places but on average it is the smokers den calmness.

The features are good and have strong ties to the theme. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa for example are very embedded in smokers culture and go hand in hand with the narcotics that the whole mixtape is based on. This actually helps to keep the purity of a smokers project, if there is such a thing.

Overall, this is a short but cohesive project about narcotics and the effect the legalization could have on America. Increased revenue from taxes, people are more relaxed etc. etc. B-Real and Berner have done well with this and should continue with this creative streak.