Wale – SHINE Review

This is a solid release from Wale and shows a bit more growth from the artist. The softer tones and choice of instrument help give this a more connecting tone than the party anthems that pop music has become.

The production is magnificent and sets the tone for the whole album. Each beat is not overbearing, so you can hear the artists on the tracks, while being melodic and uplifting in the background. Maybe something a little brasher could help give a more complete release, but the selection works well in this case.

The lyricism is strong and the easy delivery makes it easy to listen to. Wale has a masterpiece way of rapping, every word flowing easily together and the wordplay being descriptive and relevant. Something a bit more aggressive may show more sides to Wale, but there are definitely no issues with his performance here.

The features help to add another level of cohesion to this project, while showcasing others abilities. Each guest does a good job of showing how good their writing is and it is a good blend of stars as well as up and comers. The balance of singers to rappers is also pretty good which helps lead to a diverse listen through.

Overall, this is an enjoyable fifty six minutes that shows Wale is keeping his skills sharp. Mayback Music Group is having a strong year so far.

Major Lazer – Peace Is The Mission Review

This album is full of positive energy to help anyone get through thier day. There are influences from a few genres while Major Lazer keeps his signiture sound and weaves a great tapestry and energetic tunes.

The production is amazing and smooth. Each track is definitive in its uniqueness and has its own feel while sharing the same positiveness. There is a good range of fast to slower tracks without any negative energy and this helps make this an easy to listen to project.

The lyricism is enjoyable and is not tied down to one genre. There is singing, rapping and everything in between to make the songs on this album. This all leads towards an album that is cohesive and stays interesting until the very end. It does start to lean more towards pop than the influences it starts with but the words on this all help to make the tracks as fantastic as they are.

The features on this album all work together very well to make a projct that merges a lot of different elements to make a tracklist of very cohesive music. Each artist brings some of thier own flavour to the tracks and flourishes over production that is worked to gel with the artists performance. The choice of guests is flawless with no mis steps from any of them.

Overall, this album contains a lot of highs and no lows. The team behind this should be extremely happy about how this project turned out and listeners should be looking forward to how great this project truly is.