Kool G Rap – Return Of The Don Review

This is a good release with Kool G Rap making a lot of clever decisions to increase replay ability. Shortened songs and great guests help elevate this even higher.

The production is fantastic with MoSS providing good backdrops for each track, and creating a good atmosphere. There are similar elements in each song, but they are still individual. Maybe something a little further from the formula would show the artists in another light, but MoSS has provided songs that allow the vocalists to excel at what they do.

The lyricism is clever with Kool G Rap using his delivery to add more impact to his rhymes. The bars might not be the most complex, however they do carry a lot of weight and land hard with the listener. Some change in flow might help separate out Kool’s performances, but the guests also help to do that so it is not the biggest issue.

The features are great and do a good job of pushing this project forward. Each puts in an amazing verse that helps push Kool G Rap onto further greatness as well as showing that they are at the top of their respective games. With some rap legends keeping their names alive on here, the artists here are a great selection to have on any project.

Overall, this is another release from a veteran that could teach newer artist how to make music with longevity. With plenty of replay value, this is definitely worth a few listens.

Tsu Surf – Newark Review

This album is full of personal and emotional stories peppered withg the big ego that has made Hip Hop great. Tsu Surf takes his battling experiance and uses it to make his rhymes exactly what the tracks need.

The production is somewhat haunting and helps create the thought provoking atmosphere that the album needs. Each beat has similar aspects but have enough changes so the listener knows when the tracks have changed. Maybe a more vibrant and energetic track could show that Surf can handle more than one type of track, but he does that one type well.

The lyricism is great with Tsu drawing on his battles to allow for a wealth of wordplay wisdom. He easily bends his rhymes into complex, complicated masterpieces that really allow the story telling to shine through. Maybe some changes in flow or delivery could make a few more interesting moments, but Surf does an excellent job on this.

The features are great from big names to people with great chemistry. Each does a really great job of pushing Surf to greatness while showing that they either have what it takes to be a star, or still qualify as one. Some more singers might have been a good addition to the project but the selection on here is fantastic.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album with  lot of back story. Tsu Surf has made a respectable project here and is opening doors for battle rappers everywhere.

Vado – V-Day EP 2 Review

If you are ever looking for a rap love song, this is the project to come to. It has a song for every type of love situation and Vado utilises his style well to make each song work.

The production is good and lends itself towards the content of the valentines themed songs. There is a Hip Hop base with some sounds from more traditional songs that come together to allow the softer content to shine through. Maybe a few more energetic songs would make a more complete project, but for an EP, this is a good project.

The lyricism is above average but is not quite as complex as it could be. This may be because the songs are message driven more than made for bars but they are still effective. If there was some more complicated lyricism, it may be more accessible to more listeners, but what is in this project is still better than what a lot of rappers are putting out these days.

The features are all good and help improve the level of chemistry on this project. Each put in some good effort and do well with their own lyricism. Maybe some more features that are outside of Vado’s comfort zone would create a more re-listenable effort but this is still an enjoyable listen.

Overall, this is a good effort for valentines day but does not have a lot of replay value as it is so focused on its theme. This can be viewed as a good or bad thing but if your in the mood for rap love, this is where you want to be.