MC Eiht – Which Way Iz West Review

This album is incredible as both MC Eiht and DJ Premier do exactly what they got famous for. Great cuts and killer bars make a wonderful west coast experiance.

The production is truly amazing with DJ Premier bring his substantial talents to the west coast flavour. His impressive use of scratching and samples makes a beautiful canvas for the artists to work over. There are no issues here as the expertise is clear here and makes for a great listen through.

The lyricism is great as MC Eiht weaves a great tapestry of description. His bars do a really great job of expressing his feelings and the development of the west coast sound. Maybe something a little more explosive with his delivery could have brought a little more to the table, but his wordplay goes a very long way.

The features are all great and lend a lot to the nostalgic feel. Each puts in a fantastic verse and helps to stop one voice from becoming boring. There are no issues with the guest selection as they fill the criteria perfectly.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable release and will be an essential for any west coast fans. MC Eiht and DJ Premier have made another quality project for both of their catalogues.

Mark Grist And MC Mixy – Dead Poets Deathmatch Review

While this is not the sort of thing that has been put up on this site, but the show was so good that something had to be said.

Both Mark and Mixy put on fantastic performances and the format is great, mostly because of the high level of crowd participation. Everything that transpires in the show is because of what the audiance chooses and this level of investment both relaxes the crowd and helps make this much more enjoyable.

The mixture of music, knowledge and comedy blends together to make an informative and entertaining time that is fun for all that watch. There is swearing as well as vulgar references so be weary of who you take, but there is no doubt that all there will have fun.

From a musical stand point, all aspects are on point. The production is good where beats are used, the lyricism is sharp and the delivery is always enjoyable. Throw into the mix that they dress up as each poet they are taking on the persona of and it is a great mix for fun.

Mark and Mixy take it in turns to take on the disguise of a poet (deceased) and rap battle each other where the crowd then decides a winner. This format brings the scope for an audiance from older school age to no upper limit which is an impressive feat when rap is involved.

Overall, this is a truly great show for fans of rap and poetry alike. Mark Grist and MC Mixy should be proud of what they have created here and should continue to perform it for the rest of the tour with as much vigor and was shown in thier previous performances.

If you have the opportunity to catch thier show, do as you definately won’t regret it.

Hilltop Hoods – Walking Under Stars

While this is a more radio friendly and emotionally connecting album, it still has all the ingredients of a great Hilltop Hoods album. As this is considered the second part of their “Drinking From The Sun” project, which was a light hearted and cheery project it does make sense this has some more emotional and almost dark songs.

The Hilltop lyricists showcase why they are considered by many the height of Australian urban music with wordplay and punchlines to rival many of the world’s top artists. With the more emotional tracks especially, Suffa and Pressure MC both seem to put more passion into what they are rapping and it creates a much more powerful track than if they had kept to their regular flow.

The production is fantastic as it is so different to what is currently floating around the world of Hip Hop. In a land populated with such synthetic sounds, when you hear a proper real life instrument on a track, even if it is suspected it was computer generated, it is a breath of fresh air and can help create a sense of atmosphere. DJ Debris does a fantastic job mixing it together and it really helps to create a smooth listening experience.

Overall this is a fantastic album. While it may not appeal to all the hardcore Hilltop fans due to some of the songs sounding more “ready for radio” than previous projects. However this album is definitely worth a spin or two even for those people as it still has everything that past Hilltop Hoods albums have had, but with the possibility of expanding the audience.