Nike Kobe X Basketball Shoe Review

This is a great shoe thanks to all the technologies in it. The attention to detail is fantastic and has led to a shoe that has no obvious flaws

The upper is a breathable mesh that conforms quite well to the foot but unless you tighten the laces properly, it can cause pressure across your toes as it creases inwards.

The heel clip is sturdy and helps the shoe keep it’s shape, but can make the shoe difficult to get on and off. This is because it holds its shape a little too well and won’t bend to allow the foot in.

The Nike Zoom unit and the airbag in the back help to make this a comfortable to move around in. These also seem to help with leaping as it feels like it is pushing you out of the ground to give you extra height. Combined with the outsole, this makes for a great basketball shoe.

The outsole is the crowning jewel of this shoe as it has some of the best traction in the basketball game today. It starts with some Nike Free grooves to allow more motion in the foot. The is a tooth at the front to keep some shape when the Nike Free is in usage. There is also small nodules on the bottom of the shoe to cause traction. The nodules splay out to grip the floor like a race car’s wheels do. This is what leads to the superior traction.

Overall, this is a great shoe for basketball and is superior to most others in almost every way. The only possible flaw is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing to look at as the Kobe 9 Elite, but if they released a high, Flyknit edition, then that is taken care of.

Kobe 9 EM Review

These are a perfectly good basketball shoe, but don’t live up to the Elite version. Then again, that is the point. These have a lot of the features that make the Elite a great shoe but at a slightly reduced price, a lower cut and, unfortunately a more ordinary feel.

The problem with getting the Elite version before the EM is that you get to experience how close to perfection Kobe can make his shoes before you get a version that does not have the superior features that make the Elite so great. The Flyknit for example, which is a main feature of the Kobe 9 Elite, is replaced with an engineered mesh that does not give the same feeling of grandeur that the Flyknit does.

However, That does not mean that the shoe is no good at all. It is still a fantastic shoe, both for comfort and performance. The Flywire and carbon fibre heel clip make for a flexible yet durable shoe to help in any fast paced, action filled match.

The Lunarlon cushioning works as well in the standard as it does in the Elite, which is always a bonus and the outsole is still as unique also, which is good as a standout point.

The biggest problem is that it is only slightly cheaper than the Elite model so where possible, spring for the extra expense for the better shoe. Another problem is that with the announcement of the Elite Low model, where the high top is cut down for the people who complained about it, it is difficult to see where this shoe will fit into the overall selling of the Kobe 9 range. This is mainly because this model is usually aimed at the cheaper spender, but with only the small drop in price, there is a good chance that it wont really sell as well as its brother models.

Overall it is a good shoe still, but does not stand with its head held as high as some of the others on the market at the moment.