Fetty Wap – Zoovier Review

This is a lot more of the same from Fetty Wap, which is a shame because he could have used his quick gotten fame to grow as an artist, but has settled into a rut of formula music instead. He can still make catchy tracks, but how long until people realise it is the same track over and over.

The production is all energetic and bouncy, but becomes stale over the course of nineteen tracks. While if you picked a handful, it would be good music to exercise to, it becomes mere noise in the background because there are so many similarities between the beats. Some more variety in the selection would go a long way.

The lyricism is good at first, but it soon seems to become a paint by numbers scenario. Fetty Wap doesn’t use complex wordplay, but seems to rely on his delivery and autotune to make an impact. Some improvement in his rhymes might open his releases to a larger audience.

The guests help break up the autotune of Wap but are still similar to him in rhyme style. Some help elevate the level of wordplay, but still seems to rely on the beats and performance factor. It is a shame but seems to be the direction the rap game is headed in.

Overall, this is good if you can pick out a few you enjoy, but so much of it is filler music and it goes on for so long, that it is not always an enjoyable listen through. Hopefully Fetty Wap can break out of his comfort zone to make some more interesting music.

Fetty Wap – Fetty Wap Review

This album is a collection of songs that have a base in Hip Hop but with plenty of pop influence. Fetty Wap has made an album with rap content but that a lot of audiances can enjoy.

The production is very enthralling, using a very high level of energy to keep the listener pumped up. A lot of the beats posess the same properties that can make them seem similar but there are subtle differences that mean they dont get stale to listen through. Some more attempts at different styles of rap could show that Fetty Wap has a more well rounded potential, but as his career is just taking off, it is fair to assume that he may grow into different areas later.

The lyricism is good and helps to keep the purer Hip Hop listeners interested. Fetty uses a select range of techniques to keep his imagery sharp, but he relies mostly on his delivery which is unfortunately autotune tainted. While this is good in portions, it can dull the impact of the words over this long project, at twenty tracks.

The features do a good job but don’t do enough to stand out from Fetty Wap as he overrides every song. Fetty does not seem to have a very deep bench despite bing a great feature to have. He only has two features, one who appears nine times over the twenty tracks. They do an alright job but it is difficult to seperate them from the main artist.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album but is not a pure to Hip Hop. if you like a pop influence with some street content, this is the perfect project for you however.