Action Bronson – Mr Wonderful Review

This is a refreshing listen as Bronson brings his blend of wit and lyricism with some great backing beats to breath some life into a one way Hip Hop world. Bronson attempts to use his skills to show the world that Hip Hop has more than one option for the future.

The production is excellent and the minimal use of unusual noises helps the beats be a bit smoother. Each track has its own feeling and atmosphere even if the sounds used are very similar. Most of the songs are fairly subdued in backing, allowing Bronson to have more freedom for his rapping, but some more high energy elements may have helped to give the album more replay-ability.

The lyricism is fantastic and is the top point of this album. Bronson flexes his lyrical biceps and weaves imaginative tapestries that are full of description. He uses a very full range of techniques to enhance his wordplay and make an entertaining set of songs that do t have a lot to criticise in the lyrics department.

The features aren’t great as they tend to blend a lot into the background without standing out but they put in good efforts that can be enjoyed if the listener tries hard enough. If they were a bit more eclectic and did something a bit different, the album may have had a touch more diversity.

Overall, this album is very entertaining if your a fan of lyricism. However, if your looking for big party tunes, you may not find them on here. 

Big Gipp – Mr Get Down Review

This is a classic down south mixtape. Gipp does well to get back to the raw sound of south Hip Hop and bringing that back. He slips a bit from the south sound nearer the end of the project but it is very southern overall and a very good mixtape.

The production is good and works well with Big Gipp’s style. His flow works well with gritty, street beats and the beats in question are just that. They are very atmospheric and can only work well with specific kinds of content. Fortunately Big Gipp nails the content for each of the tracks styles which creates a cohesive project.

The lyricism is alright but not overly lyrical so wont attract that audience of Hip Hop listeners. There is some lyricism but Gipp uses mostly entertainment based lyrics to tell a story or to simply raise the heart rate and keep the song interesting. Either way it may not be the most polished of lyrics but it is entertaining to listen to and will keep your attention.

The features are excellent. The second track has by far the best feature, as Biggie helps create a great track. The other features are good and ad to their tracks, but it is good to see that most of the project is just Gipp being Gipp as it helps to show that he is still a great rapper.

Overall, this is a great project for Big Gipp and is a good sign for his return. Whether with Goodie Mob, Ali or by himself, Big Gipp has shown that he is a southern force to be reckoned with and will continue to be so.

Mr Marcelo – OG Luv Dat OG 2 Review

This is a nice kickback and listen album. Its full of energetic and yet relatively relaxing music that make it easy to have as background music but that does mean that it isn’t the most capturing of music. while you may be sucked in to one or two tracks, most of it is still good but not enticing.

The production is smooth and very easy going. The beats sound like palm trees turned into music and it works very well when combined with Marcelo’s flow. They have a degree of diversity to have a chance for Marcelo to tell the sadder parts of his story, but it stays mostly in the bouncy section of Hip Hop production.

The lyricism is there, but is a bit feeble when compared to other rappers. It is more advanced than most beat heavy club tracks but less than songs with softer beats and more complex lyricism. If you can put up with waiting for the lyricism to come through, then there are some moments of glory, but it is mostly straight forward and simplistic.

The features are good but don’t add a lot to the mixtape. They shake up the monotony of Mr Marcelo but don’t add extra depth or more complex lyricism to any of the tracks. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good, but it does show that Marcelo may need to look for different features on future projects.

Overall, this is a good mixtape if your only sort of listening to it. While listening intently to it can be enjoyable, it is at its best as background music which is unfortunate for Mr Marcelo as it may not reflect his true ability.