Nike Air Foamposite One Shoe Review

This is a relatively comfortable shoe that has become a staple of lifestyle footwear. Its unique aesthetic and its connection to basketball via Penny Hardaway has created a shoe that is known around the world and is going to stay that way.

The upper is a one piece hyperposite construction that is the focal point of this piece. The lines carved in it help the shoe hold onto the foot while providing another visually pleasing feature. However, it can be hard to bend at first when running around and while this eases up a bit over time, it does not become that flexible. This could be a hinderance in todays game.

The inside has a neo-prene sock sleeve for added comfort and it helps to give the shoe more wearability by forming to the foot to wear around. It can get fairly warm inside due to the liner but it is a small price to pay to make the shoe easier to wear. The tabs at the top help make the shoe easy to get on and off as well.

The outsole is great and has a good deal of traction while also being very noticable when seen. With Penny having his signiture icon on both the backtab and outsole, there is little doubt that this shoe helped him gain the fame he has aquired over his career.

Overall, this is an iconic shoe that has good reason to be loved by people all across the world. The uniqueness of the shoe combined with its legendary status in basketball mean that collectors, afficienados and the casual wearer all covet this shoe and they have every reason to.