Hoodie Allen – People Keep Talking Review

This is a good album for listeners who enjoy a more kicked back approach to Hip Hop with some higher energy tracks thrown in to the mix. There is a lot of emotion in this project but it is not overbearing and trying to force you into feeling any certain way.

The production is excellent and works well with Hoodie Allen’s style of rap. It is all smooth and finely crafted while also utilising some interesting sounds and noises to great effect. It is possible some more beats with higher tempos and more of a club vibe could help make this slightly more appealing to a wider audiance but there is no doubt to the effectiveness of this set of beat selections.

The lyricism is good and helps to make this the project it is. While not of it is made to be really hard hitting, it is all clever and weaved well into the rhyme schemes that make you think as you enjoy them.  Some more lyrics that come across as more aggressive could help show Hoodie Allen as a more rounded rapper, but he does well what what he has produced here.

The features are great and help bring a new dimension to the album. Each brings good effort and great verses to thier tracks which really helps show the chemistry that Hoodie Allen can have with others in the industry. Some more features who are further out of the field than those used could have made a couple more interesting moments but there are no let downs on the guests end.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album which is suitable for almost all listeners. It stays a healthy distance from the generic content and starts to make headway into newer, less explored areas. Hoodie Allen should have a long and prosperous career in Hip Hop but it could depend on how long he can keep exploring those areas.

Cy Hi The Prince – BHP 2: NAACP Review

This is a better project than Cy Hi has put out in a while but it remains somewhat unfocused. Switching between songs about making money for yourself and helping others by contributing leads to a contradictory message for the project overall.

The production is good as it gives plenty of room for Cy Hi to manoeuvre around while not remaining boring. There are moments of strangeness where the beat falls much more into the background as the noises used can be grinding to the brain, but others are smooth and help put a bandage over the bad.

The lyricism is improving all the time and Cy Hi is definitely on the up when it comes to rap techniques. He has started incorporating more schemes and wordplay into his style which helps to build a wider fan base. However his flow seems rigid and is the same on every track. If he tried to change it up, it could lead to a more enjoyable listen.

With only one feature, this is a good opportunity for Cy Hi to showcase his particular skills and abilities. The feature does put in good effort and helps show that Cy Hi can work with others, and work well.

Overall, this is a very good project for Cy Hi to show how his lyrical skills have grown. However his rigid performance and delivery can let down the project overall.