Pimp C – Long Live The Pimp Review

This is a great album for that signiture southern sound as well as the content Pimp C is known for. May he rest in peace knowing this album is enjoyable and entertaining.

The production is full of the deep south and there are no complications about it wanting to sound otherwise. The beats all have that bounce to give it that energy that Pimp C thrives off of while not sounding similar and still sounding diverse. There are no issues with the selection on here as it only brings strength to this project.

The lyricism may not be complex but the delivery and performance is amazing which really boosts the songs. The humour and unique content perspective really help give this a unique edge that makes it stand out against the other projects releasing at the same time. The rhymes on this are definately only a good thing for the rap game.

The features help fill the space in the songs with equally enjoyable verses. Pimp C has a whole host of great stars jump on these tracks to help make them amazing songs and finish this album up. Maybe some singers could give this more of a balance but there are no issues with who has got on it.

Overall, this album is very good for fans of Pimp C and southern Hip Hop. With plenty of interesting moments to keep listeners coming back, Pimp C would be proud of this project if he was here to see it.


Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly Review

This project aims higher than his debut but Kendrick Lamar but it is not quite as tied together without the narrative running through. On the other hand, there is a constant theme running through that helps the project with its structure and helps stop it being simply a cluster of tracks.

The production is excellent and does very well to keep each track seperate but flowing together. It would be easy with the running theme to let the tracks run together too much but the project does a great job diversifying every song. Maybe some more variation in the beats to have more higher tempo songs as well as a few low tempo ones to make a slightly more complete project, but it would only be a minor improvement.

The lyricism is exquisite and Kendrick flaunts his talent over every single song. There are few moments where his lyrics are not complex, genius and totally enjoyable. His variation in his delivery and performance help keep the songs interesting and making this a great album to listen to

Overall, this is a fantastic album and Kendrick should be commended on his efforts going into a sophmore album with such high expectations of what to expect. He has taken that pressure and used it to make an album that ticks all the right boxes.