Tech N9ne – Planet Review

This release shows that while Rap may be a younger mans game, some titans work ethic will prevail. Tech N9ne has put the work in for a lot of years and with his twentieth release, returns to some of the best rhyming of his life.

The production is great with a lot of energy and perfect atmosphere where needed. Each song has a beat that responds well to the overall message being sent by the artists and helps build a cohesive listen. This selection of backings lends itself to a variety of content that stops the release becoming stale.

The lyricism is, unsurprisingly, sharp as ever. Tech N9ne doesn’t miss a trick and fills this project with clever lines and punches that show he has worked hard on his craft which has made him the number one independent rapper in the world. It is great to see him living up to that title.

The features all do a great job of helping to flesh this out and make it stand tall. Every one of them shows their particular skill sets and does the job that helps build the track they are on as well as keeping a high level of chemistry. A few more singers could have brought that dimension more to the foreground but there is still a good balance of guests overall.

In conclusion, this is a great album. Sure there are a few missteps, but no artist is perfect and Tech N9ne is as close as any other rapper when it comes to technical ability as well as core followings.

Freeway – Fear Of A Free Planet Review

This album is great as it is thought provoking as well as enjoyable. Freeway exercises his freedom of speech and makes tracks to get the listeners to see his point of view and opinions.

The production is good as it is not overpowering or rough so that the message is clear to shine through. Each beat is individual while being cohesive as a listen through. The skits help to tie together the project as well as they follow the theme also. Maybe some more changes in tempo could have made some more interesting moments, but Freeway has chosen his backings well on this mixtape.

The lyricism is good as Freeway peppers his rhymes with a variety of techniques to improve the impact of his words. Each verse has enough lyrical devices that they do not overpower the message but they do help to stop the songs becoming rants. There are no real issues with what Freeway has done to help enhance what he is saying.

The features are good as they are different enough to Freeway to stand out. They each have great verses on thier own and showcase thier own talents to make sure they are remembered for what they did on these tracks as well. A singer could have added another dimension, but there is nothing wrong with the guest selection on here.

Overall, this mixtape is fantastic as it has several clear points as well as having the entertainment factor. Freeway is trying to shape minds with this and he may well succeed.

Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Catelle Review

This is a bizarre sounding project where some of it is brilliant but is let down by the delivery over production. Where Onoe sometimes blends into the backing too well and the beat takes over is where the problems lie. Onoe needs to be a more dominant force.

The production is experimental to say the least. Where Big K.R.I.T used a space theme, he used smoother sounds than this to craft his album. Onoe’s theme translated into a conglomerate of strange space age sounds and patterns in the music that would not normally be entertaining. The beats are love it or hate it types of deals.

The lyricism is alright but the delivery lets it down. Onoe’s words carry some weight and there is some clever lyricism but the performance lacks passion and doesn’t hit as hard as it could. With a stronger delivery , Onoe could have had a much stronger project.

The features are strange as on first listen, you can barely distinct them from the backing. However they do help expand the listening experience by adding extra depths to each track and helping expand the message of each song.

Overall, this is an enjoyable first listen but after that it is very much a sense of personal taste. There are no defining factors that say this is a great project but as it is so experimental it is difficult to see how there would be. If you have enjoyed Onoe Caponoe in the past, then this may be a good choice for you.