Masta Killa – Loyalty Is Royalty Review

This is a strong showing of why you can’t think any member of the Wu-Tang Clan is not talented. Masta Killa may not be the most well known member of the collective, but he can still make high quality music.

The production is a throwback to the nineties with its haunting and darker sounds than a lot of modern beats. While it can seem like some of the backings can be confused for each other, they all create the right atmosphere for the track they are part of. Maybe something with more of a modern feel could help bring Masta Killa an edge for the newer audience, but the selection here works excellently for the project.

The lyricism is great with the rhymes full of passion and clever lyrical devices to increase the level of description. The delivery helps with the skill and dexterity needed to make it sound so effortless. Some changes in flow might help show a little more flexibility but the bars in this show that Masta Killa is still hungry to make quality music.

The features do a great job of fleshing out this release and showing not only that the Clan is still strong, but also some of the other connections that Masta Killa has made. Each of the features shows why they are talented while keeping a high level of consistency for the project overall. Something a little further from the Hip Hop field might make a few more interesting moments, but there is no doubting the star power of the guests here.

Overall, this release has some great messages as well as a lot of enjoyability. Masta Killa has done a great job curating this album and hopefully it gets the recognition is deserves.

Sean Price – Imperius Rex Review

This release has some great moments, but is not without its missteps. No part of it is bad, but some of it does not stand out amongst today’s rap elite and needs a little more finesse.

The production is powerful and gritty which helps boost the impact of Sean Price’s delivery. Each beat does a great job of creating the correct atmosphere for the song which helps keep the album cohesive. Something a little faster could help add something for a younger audience, but Sean Price knows what works for him and has used backings that are effective for him.

The lyricism is great with plenty of alliteration and clever rhymes to keep the legacy of Sean Price going. A lot of structured genius goes into making these bars really roll and land hard with the listener. A few attempts to change his flow might have helped add a little diversity but Price is in his element here.

The features help to make this so cohesive and the momentum going. Each guest only does a god job boosting Sean Price’s last album and only shows great respect for his memory. The guest selection on here honours Price in the best fashion.

Overall, this is a great project to show the greatness of Sean Price. This album will stand the test of time as a list of what could have been and how talented this legendary artist is.

Prodigy – Hegelian Dialectic (The Book Of Revelation) Review

This release shows how Prodigy is aware of issues happening today as well as his own status and his position to help change it. Before his untimely death, this was a good album to end with, even if he didn’t mean it to be his last.

The production is great with plenty of different atmosphere’s, reflecting the content with ease. Each track feels individual and the skits work well to help bridge the gaps between each one. The is a great selection of beats on this and only missing something with some pop flare, which Prodigy would not have wanted to be particularly near in the first place.

The lyricism is sharp and poignant, with the unique delivery giving each bar extra impact. With so many messages woven into each rhyme, the level of description and story still involved is incredibly high and Prodigy makes every word land heavily with the listener. maybe trying something further out of his comfort zone could show a little more growth, but Prodigy knew what he was doing when he put this together.

The choice to only have one feature was clever because the introduction of the skits into the album broke up the rapping nicely and didn’t require other voices to do so. The one guest does well to keep the message strong and display his own skills, not letting down the full listen through. It is possible that showing his chemistry with others may have improved these songs, but they are still amazing songs without other voices marring the point of each one.

Overall, this is another strong release from Prodigy and addition to his catalogue. He was taken too early from not only the Hip Hop community, but from this world and may he rest in peace.

The Lox – Filthy America…It’s Beautiful Review

This release starts off strong with all three members having strong verses, but some safe choices later can make a full listen through disappointing. Some of the more mainstream options takes this edge off this gritty album that could have been solid without them.

The production is good with the right atmosphere on every track helping to make this have more of an impact. While some of the beats are perfect for the group, the attempt to seem more radio friendly makes the group seem like they are trying to grow their audience. However by doing this they may have lost some of the core group that liked their old stuff. By sticking to what they know, they may have created a more cohesive project.

The lyricism is fantastic with all three members trying hard to be the best. They also try hard at the performance aspect with their individual delivery making the tracks stand out slightly. On the downside, the hooks are not as hard hitting as the verses and can be repetitive in places. While there are no major works to be done, this is not a totally smooth ride.

The features are the weakest part of this release because they don’t necessarily fit with the style of the group. While none do particularly badly, some do not gel with the chemistry of the group and sound a little out of place. Some singers would have been a better way to show the softer side than radio attempts.

Overall, this is an enjoyable release if you can sit through the few rough patches. Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss should be proud of their individual performances as well as how they work as a team.

Prodigy – Untitled EP Review

This EP is actually an impressive blend of EDM and tough raps. Prodigy is one of the more successful crossovers to do this because he doesn’t try and keep pace with the backing and simply stays himself.

The production is interesting with the pace up and the instruments being more of a focal point. Each could hold their own as an EDM track and are plenty entertaining. It will be interesting to see if this style will make an impression in Hip Hop.

The lyricism is great, where used. Prodigy keeps his skills sharp and demonstrates that on each track. He may not be filling the songs with rhymes, but when he uses his voice, it always helps and doesn’t sound out of place. He works well with this style of music and hopefully he will continue to work with it.

Overall, this is an enjoyable EP of a relatively fresh crossover style. Prodigy should be commended for putting out his first attempt out and for having such entertaining songs.

Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest EP Review

This is a great testament to the longevity of Mobb Deep as they use a remix of thier classic song for the NBA and to make a great EP around it. Havoc and Prodigy both do good work on here to create a good EP.

The production is excellent and speaks right to the core audiance of Mobb Deep. Each track is individual with a big case for being either a future, and in one case currant, classic. They may want to try something a bit further out of thier wheelhouse so that they dont get stuck in a rutt. However if what they are doing is working, dont change it.

The lyricism is good and helps keep that classic Mobb Deep sheen over the project. While it is not the best lyrical performance in the rap game, the delivery adds impact and they aren’t slouches. It is true that a few more complex rhymes could show that they are still growing as a group but they have lasted a long time doing this and clearly know what they are doing.

Overall, this is a good EP that helps to show that Mobb Deep still have the skills to not only be in Hip Hop, but to be solid and still be able to make songs that everyone can enjoy.

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Mobb Deep Review

This is a hardcore Mobb Deep album. Everything about it just screams about it linking with the Mobb Deep debut. The double disc LP has everything you would expect from Havoc and Prodigy with some wonderful little twists.

The production is perfectly fitting for their rap styles and is enticing for the listener when combined with it. The production itself sounds gritty and adds to the ambiance of each track without smothering the lyricism.

Both Prodigy and Havoc do well on the album lyrically and stand out from each other and their guests. The features are also very coherrant and only improves each track. The subject matter doesn’t stray far from the Mobb Deep formula of street life, drugs and women, however the production level and fresh angles keep the listener interested through a lot of tracks.

The album does run for a long time, as it is a double disc release, and can become stale. On the other hand, the fact the first disc is made up of new material and the second disc is tracks from 1994 (when they were making their debut album) helps break the monotony and keep the listener interested.

Overall, this is a good album that is showing Mobb Deep at a strong point after their falling out.

The Infamous Mobb Deep is available on iTunes now.

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