Prof – Pookie Baby Review

This is a nice addition to Prof’s catalog and shows a fair amount of versatility on his part. While Prof does well when rapping he has a lot more memorable hooks to help give an extra edge to his performance.

The production is great and actually really helps to pull the project together. It is energetic and captures the essence of the tracks perfectly. Maybe something slower could give a slightly more rounded listen, but might ruin the cohesiveness of the tracks.

The lyricism is great, with Prof doing a lot of verbal acrobatics and trying his hand at singing too. While his wordplay is good, his delivery helps to elevate it to another level. With his diversity with these performances, there is no problem with Prof on this project.

The features really help to build the tracks they are on. The tracks in question tend to be the more emotional where extra voices are needed to show other sides of the story. Some other rappers could show how Prof works in a more competitive environment, but this selection works well for the songs they are on.

Overall, this release shows that Prof can and is still putting out quality music. Hopefully this release will help put him in more peoples headphones.

Murs – A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable Review

This release is an excellent example of how to turn around a horrid point in life. After what Murs has been through, it shows incredible strength to not only stay a functioning person but to also be able to use it in their music? not many can utilise pain in this way, especially in such a cohesive and poignant album.

The production, handled exclusively by Michael “Sevens” Summers, fits perfectly with what Murs is saying on each song. The chemistry between this producer and rapper is crystal clear every second of this project and keeps it flowing nicely. With the wide variation of vibes here, there is not a lot that could be worked on.

The lyricism is amazing, with Murs showing his wordplay and also great story telling skills. Every line is crafted to work perfectly with the beat as well as the overall messages on the songs. Maybe a little more flow experimentation could make a little more excitement but there is no doubt that these are some fantastic performances from a true wordsmith.

The features all help to keep this fresh with additional voices to break up any monotony. All have top skills of their own and keep the quality high with their contributions. There is a slim chance that some more singers could give another softer edge, but Murs handles that on his own with the content.

Overall, this is a really amazing album that explores a lot of different feelings and shows that it is possible to keep living after a tragic event. Hopefully Murs continues to work on his music and personal issues so hip hop can continue to recieve these gifts of his.

Prof – Liability Review

This album is a great show for a lot of people to enjoy with humour as well as bars. Prof blends a lot of different types of rap music together to make a universal project.

The production is something to adjust to, but it is great when you get used to it. At first it is jarring, but actually it works very well with Prof’s flow as well as his quirkyness. Maybe some more beats that appeal to the masses could help bring Prof to the mainstream audiance, but he works well with what he has selected.

The lyricism is good with a lot of performance to enhance what he is saying. Prof uses a range of different techniques to make his lyrics land harder as well as showing his flow and delivery as superior to a lot of todays rappers. There are no issues with his rapping sao far, but it will be interesting to see where he heads with his rhymes next.

The features all do a good job of being comparison points for Prof and he does not slouch when compared. Each guest puts in a lot of effort and helps make the project more cohesive. Some more features could make Prof push himself a bit further but there are no problems with the poeple on this project.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable project from a rapper who brings a fresh creative perspective to the rap game. Prof has done well to craft this and he should carry this forward.