Prospectt – Are We Finished Or Are We Done Review

While not the best known artist, Prospectt has put together some respectable efforts over the last few years and each sounds more polished than the one before. This new project is no exception.

The production is smooth and works well with the content provided. Each makes a great atmosphere as well as not jarring at all during a listen through. The selection here, for the purposes of the songs, is excellent but it would be good to see what Prospectt selects for other topics.

The lyricism is good and helps with the emotional aspect of the project. While it is not the most complex wordplay, Prospectt makes rhymes that excel in story telling while still being intelligent. He may want to look a bit more at if he is on beat or off beat as he switches between the two a lot, but everything else is excellent.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable five track release that should help raise Prospectt’s profile in the Hip Hop community. If he continues like this, he should have a very successful career.

Prospectt – The Theory EP Review

This is a good project by Prospectt and listeners should expect great things from him in years to come. A few more emotions thrown in may open it up a bit more but this is a pretty well rounded project.

The production is excellent and really lets Prospectt do what he does in a way that showcases his talents. The uptempo nature of the majority of it helps with rapid fire delivery and helps put additional energy into the project. A few slow tracks would show a more polished project but this is a great listen.

The lyricism is also excellent. While some of it may not be the most complex of wordplay, there is some very well crafted rhymes in this project that work well with the punches and imagery. If he threw some more emotions in, it may be a more complete project, but this is fantastic to listen to.

The features are also good on this project. They each add a good effort to their track and show that Prospectt can work well with others. While they may not be the biggest names in Hip Hop, they are no slouches and should be recognised for their work in rap music.

Overall this is a fantastic project to listen to and a fantastic effort from Prospectt. With a bit more opening up about himself personally and a couple of slowed down tracks, he could make a fantastic album and be a great rapper.