Young Scooter – Jug Season Review

This is a very strange project as it consistently shows Young Scooter in a less than average light but with some big production and some good features. The way Scooter raps on these tracks does not seem worthy of such assistance.

The production is repetitive and is extremely similar the whole way through the mixtape. All the beats are trap beats which in their nature use the same thing over and over. However they are made entertaining by the rapper, which doesn’t happen on this project.

The lyricism is pretty much non-existent. Young Scooter focuses on the street level content to drive the songs on, but that isn’t enough. There is no complicated wordplay or any sort of lyrical device that will appeal to fans of that level of Hip Hop. Scooter needs to take it up a notch if he expects to become more of a household name.

The features are better than Scooter without being too far ahead. They appear on a lot of tracks and on each one they add a level of comparison. Each is similar to Scooter in the sense of the same content but they each seem to try and add a level of lyrical combat to their verses.

Overall, this can be enjoyed but only by a small group of Hip Hop listeners. If Young Scooter wants to grow in fame, then he needs to try something new and branch out.