Stefflon Don -Real Ting Mixtape Review

This is a great release from one of the up and comers of the UK. Stefflon Don shows a lot of talent as well as potential from the range of tracks on this project.

The production is varied and energetic with a lot of different influences becoming clear. With Jamaican dance hall and UK Grime clear samples, Stefflon Don has a wide base to build on moving forward and has a lot of diversity in this project too. Something slower might show a side that might not be clear on this, but there is definitely every other side bright as day.

The lyricism is strong with an interesting delivery to help boost the impact. The rhymes are clever but not so complicated that they can’t be understood. There are no problems here from Stefflon Don and she should continue to push herself like this.

The features are great with some strong talent helping keep the competition high in this release. The British talent on this shows that the UK has other talent that Stefflon is giving exposure to. All do great efforts and will hopefully continue to work like this.

Overall, this is a fantastic project from a very talented artist. Stefflon Don will go far in the music world if she can continue to bring new flavours to the Hip Hop palette.

Rocko – Real Spill Review

This album may have the gritty street content that the title infers, but the hooks really let this project down. Repetition should not be used on every chorus to make every song.

The production is alright but is not prominent enough to have any impact. The beats give a lot of scope for Rocko to explore but he does not capitalise on the chances. Some more structure to the songs would help allow the beats to flow together easier.

The lyricism is alright but nothing too astounding. There is nothing overly complex about his wordplay but he does get his point across. However the hooks are terrible and Rocko has a lot of work to do to improve them.

Overall, this is a not a good mixtape and has a lot of flaws. Rocko needs to look into how to write a good hook and to expand his repetuire beyond deep street life.