Yelawolf – Trial By Fire Review

This album shows that Yelawolf has found the sound he has been striving for, that merges hip hop and country music. This combined with his storytelling and lyricism makes for an album that shows a much deeper side of the musical artist.

The production is amazing because it is established in the first track that there is a band actually playing the music with country elements. This combination of things helps to make each track have the perfect atmosphere for the message or story that the song requires. The range here is also incredible with deep or saddening songs as well as bright and energetic helping to stop this album becoming boring.

The lyricism is fantastic with Yelawolf using his own life experiences to flesh out the topics for the tracks. All the stories in this album are delivered exquisitely and the descriptive wordplay makes the listener feel the full force of the messages he is performing. With the variety of his flow helping to keep this cohesive, there is very little to complain about on this project.

The features help to add fresh voices and to add another dimension to the song they are on. Each one shows their own skills while building upon the story Yelawolf is telling. Maybe some bigger names, considering the label he is signed to, could have made some more interesting moments. On the other hand, the fact that Yelawolf doesn’t need many A List performers to make such a great release is a perfect reflection on how artists should see themselves which is as a competent enough performer to not seek as much help as they can get.

In conclusion, this album is the best Yelawolf album out yet as he seems to find his stride more and unveils more of himself on it. It could be difficult to find more material, but there is no doubt that Yelawolf is back on the path to greatness.

Kid Ink – Full Speed Review

This is a good project for Kid Ink as it shows him making a whole variety of tracks with some good features and some different flows. There is not a whole lot to criticise about this project.

The production is smooth and refined. The beats blend together easily and are accessible for both lovers of Hip Hop and to lovers of Pop music. The way the producers have put the tracks together comes across as very polished without a fault in them and that is a big bonus for this project.

The lyricism is there and is scattered throughout but may not be as involved as some would like. While Kid Ink does very well to involve wordplay and lyrical devices in this work, the songs aren’t saturated in them so as to help expand the audience further into the realms of Pop music. For Hip Hop purists, Kid Ink could have used more wordplay.

The features are good and add to every track they are on. Each helps to bolster the cohesiveness of the tracks and helps introduce different opinions and angles on the message of each track. If the features weren’t there, this project would not be as good as it currently is.

Overall, this is a great project for Kid Ink and for rap as a sub-culture of Pop music. Kid Ink may well be part of a movement to move Hip Hop out of the darkness and into the mainstream of radio around the globe.

Cap 1 – Bird Bath EP Review

This is a nice short project for Cap 1 to show his skills in a controlled setting and under his control. This EP shows that Cap has some good skills on the mic as well as choosing the beats to fit in with his rap persona.

The production is good and fits in with Cap 1’s style very well and very tightly. Each beat is distinctly different from the rest that it each has a very different feel which lets Cap go through a whole range of flows and feelings, although most aggressive and unfeeling. This helps the project be diverse and a good backing for Cap to work over.

The lyricism is alright but the content is the focus here. Some of the wordplay is clever but the impact of what Cap is saying is much more important as his delivery and his performance on the tracks are great and take the average things he is saying and turn them into a good song.

No features on this project was a good idea as with so few tracks, Cap wants to be the main focus of the listeners attention, which he does very well. By being the commanding force on each track, he takes control of everything that is happening and shows that he can put together a good song.

Overall, this short collection of tracks is a good starting point for Cap 1 to build on and become more of a household name. A longer project and some features would be the next step to show that Cap knows what makes a good full length project.

Jae Millz – For The Win EP Review

This is a short and cohesive project from a rapper the world is waiting to hear a studio album from. Millz does very well to keep this to a theme and to craft tracks around it while keeping it very entertaining and enjoyable.

The production is good while fitting with the atmosphere on each track. The feel of each beat works very well with the message of each track and is kept to a god length so as not to become boring. With a short project like this, that is a crucial feature to making it a great project instead of a mediocre one.

The lyricism is good with Jae using his old battle rapper days to help build his skills in rap to help make his imagery more vivid and enjoyable. The wordplay is very strong and distinctive with Jae’s delivery boosting the impact of the bars on the listener, it helps to make the tracks even more enjoyable.

The features are very good and help show that Jae Millz does very well when mixed with others on a track. Both Styles P and Dave East do great at helping Jae make one great track on this short project thatis very cohesive and blends well with the rest of the project.

Overall, this is a great listen and is a good effort from Jae Millz but he needs to start working on a full studio album. This is another good showcase of what Jae is capable of and it is about time that he releases a feature length project that will get his name into households everywhere.

Rae Sremmurd – Sremm Life Review

This is a complete party album with a touch of feelings thrown in for good measure. There are a lot of energetic tracks to get the blood going with the ocassional thought about consequences thrown in for good measure.

The production is good as Mike-Will Made It is behind a lot of it. His signature style plays well with the artists delivery and flow which helps to make each song individually good as well as the project overall. The sounds on each track are signature to Mike-Will made it and help to make this a more focused effort on the production side of things.

The lyricism is not great but with the energy put in and the performance put in, helps to make these good songs. While there is some lyricism present on these tracks, the duo don’t put in too much lyricism to make these tracks appealing. These songs are mostly aimed at the club goers and head bangers and it targets that audience beautifully.

The features are good and help give some extra depth to the album while also showing that Rae Sremmund have some music industry connections. The featured artists give great verses that, in a lyrical sense, show up Rae Sremmurd. However the tracks are very enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, this is a good project for Rae Sremmurd to get their name recognised and to help in the resurgence of duos and groups. With the team around them, and the energy they put into their tracks. they have a chance to go very far in the Hip Hop world.

Zuse – Illegal Immigrant Review

Zuse has very distinct voice and dialect, but this doesn’t mean he can be extremely repetitive and call it entertainment. While he does have good verses, the chorus’ are long and very repetitive which drags the song down, despite them being very catchy.

The production is good but very limited in its range of tones which can make it difficult to really understand Zuse as he has very low vocal tones aswell. The project is full of dark, resounding bass and creates an almost throbbing backing for Zuse to rap over. This makes a very specific range of enjoyability for the audience.

The lyricism is alright in the verses but the hooks are very simple and repetitive which, while they are catchy, can create a boring track overall. Zuse does have some wordplay and other lyrical techniques but the hooks disappointment far outweigh the verses greatness.

The features are good, especially T.I, and they help to bring more diversity to the project. Zuse can be difficult to listen to for a full length project but with the features, it helps break up the monotony and makes a much better listening experience.

Overall, This is an enjoyable project if you like the formula that Zuse works with, deep voice with deep toned trap music, but if you like something with some up and downs in, more of a roller-coaster ride, then this is not for you.

PRhyme – PRhyme Review

This is a great album to end 2014 on. Both Royce Da 5’9 and DJ Premier bring their best¬†to this extremely cohesive album that radiates pure Hip Hop all the way through. The beats and lyrics work very well together to create great songs for a great new debut.

The production is fantastic. DJ Premier has done very well crafting this album’s beats so that they can cause the listener to flashback to older times as well as compare to the new age of Hip Hop production. The tracks can have jarred sounds but are smooth to listen to and creates a very enjoyable listen.

The lyricism is very clever and engrained in the very DNA of the tracks. Royce Da 5’9 does a great job of weaving great images and story telling through the whole project which works well with the production. The wordplay is complex and shows why Royce is considered one of the top lyricists in the rap game today.

The features are excellent. They all bring top level rap to the project without overshadowing the others. Each spins a great verse that strengthens each track without weakening it and it keeps it as a very cohesive project. It is also good to see members of Black Hippy mixing with members of Slaughterhouse considering all that has been discussed about cyphers and battles between them.

Overall, this is a great album that is very cohesive and very entertaining to listen to. Both DJ Premier and Royce have created a project that has all the elements of a rap album that can be enjoyed by all and seen as a milestone in Hip Hop.

Mr Marcelo – OG Luv Dat OG 2 Review

This is a nice kickback and listen album. Its full of energetic and yet relatively relaxing music that make it easy to have as background music but that does mean that it isn’t the most capturing of music. while you may be sucked in to one or two tracks, most of it is still good but not enticing.

The production is smooth and very easy going. The beats sound like palm trees turned into music and it works very well when combined with Marcelo’s flow. They have a degree of diversity to have a chance for Marcelo to tell the sadder parts of his story, but it stays mostly in the bouncy section of Hip Hop production.

The lyricism is there, but is a bit feeble when compared to other rappers. It is more advanced than most beat heavy club tracks but less than songs with softer beats and more complex lyricism. If you can put up with waiting for the lyricism to come through, then there are some moments of glory, but it is mostly straight forward and simplistic.

The features are good but don’t add a lot to the mixtape. They shake up the monotony of Mr Marcelo but don’t add extra depth or more complex lyricism to any of the tracks. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good, but it does show that Marcelo may need to look for different features on future projects.

Overall, this is a good mixtape if your only sort of listening to it. While listening intently to it can be enjoyable, it is at its best as background music which is unfortunate for Mr Marcelo as it may not reflect his true ability.

OJ Da Juiceman and Criminal Manne – Kings of the Trap Review

The title aptly describes what this mixtape is going for. Everything about it screams trap music, from production to content. Both Oj Da Juiceman and Criminal Manne show they can work with the trap music subgenre to a point of near mastery but it does not work very well as a Hip Hop project.

The production is the definition of trap music but is very similar from track to track. On a whole listen through, it all tends to blend together. If you listened to only one track it would come across as trap genius but for the whole project to sound the same creates a poor overall result.

The lyricism is very street level with nothing too complex and similar from song to song. Both artists are good at knowing what the audience for this type of music is looking for, but for all listeners in Hip Hop, it may not appeal as music for them to listen to. However it can still be enjoyable if your in the mood for energy and not something to ponder over.

With no features, which makes sense as it isn’t a solo project, this monotonous project continues to be so with few changes in song structure or any change in lyrical acrobatics, this project can seem dull to listeners looking for an intelligent listen.

Overall, this is not a project for everyone, but if you like trap music, Oj Da Juiceman or Criminal Manne, then this is a mixtape you wont want to miss. If not, there is more stimulating music out there.

Nino Bless – Illuminati Reject Review

This project is a testament as to why Nino Bless is a growing power in Hip Hop. He makes bold statements about other rappers and makes thought provoking music while bringing aggression and a new point of view to the table.

The production is good and fits with Nino’s stance on his place in Hip Hop. It is aggressive, sometimes dark, but also sometimes uplifting. A bit of a rollercoaster with twists turns and dips, but all entertaining. Unfortunately it all comes across as very computerised and manufactured to be generic, rather than organic and designed with him in mind. This detracts a bit from the listening experienced but still makes for a good listen.

The lyricism is good, but it can be difficult to hear him over the backing beat as his voice is a touch high in pitch which can make the backing seem louder in comparison. His actual words are cleverly crafted and should appeal to audiences that enjoy wordplay and lyricism. When you can hear the words, it all flows together very well and Nino Bless should be commended on that.

The features are good and come across as a good addition in the diversity corner. However they tend to take up a fair chunk of the song they are featured on, which can take from what Nino is doing on the song. However since Nino is on every song and other people are not, then it does not make too much of a change to the whole project.

Overall, this is a good project to project to help project Nino Bless into the Hip Hop mainstream and get his name into the households, however it is not totally cohesive and while people may talk about him, it may not be about how he is the best, but maybe one of the top.