OJ Da Juiceman – The Realest Nigga I Know 2 Review

While OJ does show more lyrical offerings on this project, it is still clinging to the trap formula to make music. All the tracks come across as extremely similar and there is nothing to set this mixtape apart from the pack.

The production is repetitive and can become extremely stale when listening to the whole project through. The beats use a lot of the same sounds and patterns on each song which makes a dull listening experiance, lifted only by the energy in them. OJ will need to try something new to attract new fans.

The lyricism is improved and helps to make this project bearable. OJ uses more rap devices to embellish his rhymes and attempt to bring in a larger audience. However it is not enough to get the attention of lyrical purists and will continue to need improvement.

Overall, this is a step forward for OJ Da Juiceman but it is a small step and not the leap he needs to climb the Hip Hop ladder. It is good to see OJ looking to move on in his career and not get stuck stagnating.