Troy Ave – Roland Collins Review

This project is alright but sounds lazy in places and lacking in passion. Troy Ave doesn’t sound like he is pushing himself and instead like he is trying to capitalise off of his recent and unfortunate spell in the news.

The production is good with a variety of speeds and themes to help make the project cohesive. Each beat is enjoyable in its own right and is one of the top elements of this mixtape. The backings here really help to raise this project up to not terrible, but possibly not as far as good.

The lyricism is alright but the delivery sounds lazy in a lot of places and doesn’t have a great deal of performance factor. Troy Ave does a lot of emotional work on this, but doesn’t do enough to make his rhymes stand out. A deeper look at how he puts his raps into action could go a long way here.

Overall, this is only good to get a slight view into the inner workings of Troy Ave. With no features, Troy really needed to push himself for great verses and they simply get dull the longer you listen.