Zothejerk And Frost Gamble – Black Beach Review

This release is another high quality product from a lesser known artist who proves that everyone has a vision. With Zo providing vocals and Gamble doing solid work behind the boards, this is worth a few spins.

The production is great with a good amount of variation, as well as smoother sounds, to allow for a variation in content from the appearing artists. Frost Gamble does well in creating atmosphere and boosting the impact of the lyrics. Maybe something with a little more pop flash could bring in more listeners, but that might not be in the vision of this project.

The lyricism is good, with Zo having some clever rhymes and messages to send to the public. His shout rap delivery sounds generic at first, but as the songs go on, he utilises it well with changes in pace and flow to help keep the songs interesting. There are no major issues here, but it could be difficult to have longevity with this particular style.

The features do a great job of lifting this project up to another level. With some big names included on the selection, each has a fantastic verse and/or chorus that works well with the main duo. Maybe a few singers would add a little more diversity, but this is still a strong bunch of artists to work with.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album with some poignant messages as well as some more entertaining songs that will appeal to a wide audiance. You may not have heard of these names before, but take a chance on this and you wont regret it.

Large Professor – Re: Living Review

This album has a more slowed down feel than a lot of rap albums that are coming out recently and it gives much more time to actually listen to what he is saying. Large Professor has crafted an album that could fit into several eras of Hip Hop which is very refreshing to hear.

The production is excellent and gives the Large Professor plenty of scope for content. Each beat is individual and while the songs dont run into each other, it is not a solid block between them. A few more modern age beats could show that Large Professor is trying to appeal to a new generation, but this music is still very appealing to all demographics.

The lyricism is good but not as enticing as it could have been. There is some great similies and some good wordplay but he mostly relies on his messages to carry each track. As long as he has been doing this, he may want to try and up the complexity of his rhymes to keep it interesting.

The features are good as they are diverse enough from Large Professor to keep it interesting, but not so different that they sound out of place. Each puts in good effort to thier verses which helps the project stay cohesive. A few more features that push Large Professor to new areas of Hip Hop, but he has definately put together some good guests on this.

Overall, this is a throwback project that speaks to a lot of different audiances in the rap game. Large Professor does a great job keeping his message on point and crafting a project good enough so that people don’t forget him.

Burgundy Blood – Suede Comet Review

This is an album filled with haunting sounds and dark lyrics. Burgundy Blood lives up to his name with this horrorcore Hip Hop album that is something different that takes the ears by surprise.

The production is full of sounds and noises that create an atmosphere that draws you in and feels like it is crushing you while you enjoy it. Each track does a great job of utilising exactly what the song needs to keep its haunting feeling while Burgundy Blood raps over it. Some more tracks with a more uplifting feeling may show that Burgundy Blood can be effective over all types of beats but that may not be in keeping with his style.

The lyricism is average but fits in well with what each track is saying. Burgundy Blood use metaphors very well and a few other lyrical devices but can not use a majority to really show his lyrical superiority. Filling his raps with more versatile rap techniques would make a better album.

The features are all good and put in some good efforts, but with some being used on several tracks, they can lose some of thier wow factor and become somewhat repetitive. If Burgundy Blood used some more varied features, it could create some more interesting tracks.

Overall, this is an album designed to be somber and a little scary. If that is what your in the mood for, then this is the album for you. Burgundy Blood could be an up and comer to watch if your a fan of the scarier side of Hip Hop.