Travis Scott – Birds In The Trap Sing McNight Review

This album is hypnotic while listening to it but cracks start to appear the longer it goes on. Patterns emerge showing that the songs share a lot of elements and that it is all beats and hooks. It isn’t a great Hip Hop project, but it can be entertaining.

The production is fantastic and contains everything modern rap music is becoming. it has high energy and sounds that draw in the listener while being relatively easy to listen to. Maybe a few more changes to pace could stop the backings sounding so very similar while trying to add some different noises may also help.

The lyricism is confusing because it is very hard to tell the verses apart from the hooks, which dominate the songs. While Travis Scott can write an incredible chorus, it would be great to hear what he could do on more of a verse but they are almost non-existent in the listener’s ears. Changing this is what would be the biggest improvement for this project.

Overall, the one feature on this was a good choice to show Travis Scott’s own skill but he needed to put more of it on show to the audience for this to really excel.

Tank – If You Were Mine EP Review

This is a good showcase of Tank’s singing ability as he takes on others songs to show he can sing it as well as they can. This works ot show his talent but not his songwriting ability.

The production is a toned down edition of the radio rips of these songs. While this may take some of the energy out of it, it does make Tank a much more powerful presence on the songs and help clear the path for him to really show what he is capable of.

The lyricism is all about imagery and message as this is a singing project and not a rap one. This means that the tones that are used in the singing combined with the overall message of each track is the main focus and not any intricate schemes or wordplay.

There are no features on this project as it is all about Tank showing what he can do vocally with other peoples songs and he does a good job with them. He shows that he can reach the high notes and then some with his pitch and he keeps the passion that others display on these songs as well. The only problem is that he may not put enough of his own self and style into each track to make it differentiated from the originals.

Overall, this is a good listen and is a good effort by Tank to break into the singing mainstream which can be very difficult in todays music scene. If he keeps being able to produce notes like he does on this selection, combined with being featured on others songs in Hip Hop, he will go far in the music industry.

Ty Dolla $ign – Sign Language Review

While Ty$ is a talented singer, he may need to find some new things to sing about. The actual vocals and the ability on this project is fantastic, however the constant stream of songs about women and drugs can become stale. The only thing that keeps you listening ot it is the fresh approach to some old classics. Ty$ takes “Dead Presidents” and flips it to be about strippers which brings a fresh perspective to what you can do with a song.

The vocals, as said before, are fantastic. Ty$ shines with ability and is rising up to take the spot as Hip Hop’s go to singer. On songs with featured artists, Ty$ really stands out as his style of singing ties together what the featured artists put on the track and helps the project sound a little cohesive, despite the repetitiveness of the song matter.

The production is good, with beats that blend with in with the singers crooning and help to showcase how talented Ty$ is. The project as a whole, production wise, fits together very well and as projects go the production flows together and is a good palate for talent.

Overall, this is not a bad project, and not as good as his “Beach House” projects, but needs a bit more variation in the subject matter to make it a great project. However Ty$ is still a very talented singer and should continue to make great tracks.