Tank – If You Were Mine EP Review

This is a good showcase of Tank’s singing ability as he takes on others songs to show he can sing it as well as they can. This works ot show his talent but not his songwriting ability.

The production is a toned down edition of the radio rips of these songs. While this may take some of the energy out of it, it does make Tank a much more powerful presence on the songs and help clear the path for him to really show what he is capable of.

The lyricism is all about imagery and message as this is a singing project and not a rap one. This means that the tones that are used in the singing combined with the overall message of each track is the main focus and not any intricate schemes or wordplay.

There are no features on this project as it is all about Tank showing what he can do vocally with other peoples songs and he does a good job with them. He shows that he can reach the high notes and then some with his pitch and he keeps the passion that others display on these songs as well. The only problem is that he may not put enough of his own self and style into each track to make it differentiated from the originals.

Overall, this is a good listen and is a good effort by Tank to break into the singing mainstream which can be very difficult in todays music scene. If he keeps being able to produce notes like he does on this selection, combined with being featured on others songs in Hip Hop, he will go far in the music industry.

Drake – If Your Reading This It’s Too Late Review

This is a personal sounding project by Drake with some haunting production, but it is only showing a more toned down version of what we have already seen from him.

The production is good and does well to make a good base for Drake to try and show his lyrical skill. With its minimalist sound and interesting instrument choices, the beats blend together well while staying individual. Maybe some variation could create a more complete sounding project but the production on this is still enjoyable.

The lyricism is alright but is not on the level that could be expected of him. This project is on a more personal level which puts Drake in the position of making powerful tracks. This does mean that he puts touching sentiment ahead of clever wordplay but that is ok as that is the idea. He does this extremely well and creates some tracks with some good messages.

The features put in some good efforts but do not live up to the expectation of being on a Drake project. While they do try hard, they don’t shine and simply fill in space on their tracks until the next one begins.

Overall, this is a good effort from Drake to air out some of his personal life but it has too much singing Drake and not enough rapping Drake for it to appeal to a Hip Hop orientated audience.

Willow Smith – Interdimensional Tesseract Review

This was not a good idea from Willow Smith as the tracks are too short and too poor to show that she can make catchy tracks. Each does not have much potential to be attractive to the public and Willow is almost non present on each song.

The production is the only good part of these tracks as they are interesting to listen to, and would make good back drops to rappers. However with Willow doing a poor job of keeping the listeners wanting to keep listening, the production is wasted.

The lyricism is poor and needs work to apply to the market listening to marketable mixtapes. Willow’s singing is very much in the background and can barely be heard over the backing beat. She needs to bring her talents to the forfront of any track if she is going to be recognised as a good artist.

Overall, this is not a good project and should be avoided for other, more critically acclaimed mixtapes. Willow Smith needs to do more to make herself a stand out point on any track or project to make herself a better known artist.

Miguel – NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee Review

This is only three tracks, but they have the sustenance of being singles that could chart high in most countries. Every aspect of each song is fusing Hip Hop and pop without sacrificing core values. With a lot of R and B thrown in there for good measure, the tracks on here are superb.

The production is fantastic. Each track is smooth and easy to listen to while being entertaining and energetic. While having completely different atmospheres on each track, they have the same smoothness that makes this project easy listening. Changes in tempo and changes in content shape each track but all of them are great.

The lyricism is alright but a lot of the talent on this project is through Miguel’s singing. The words are more powerful because they flow together like Multi-syllable rap schemes but the singing amplifies how well the words fit together and creates a great listening experience. Miguel has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Overall, for three tracks, it is a great project and if it is a sign of things to come, Miguel is going to have a successful 2015. His singing is a great asset to both R and B and Hip Hop which means that he may have a lot of collaborating to do in years to come.

And Merry Christmas to everyone reading this.

Ty Dolla $ign – Sign Language Review

While Ty$ is a talented singer, he may need to find some new things to sing about. The actual vocals and the ability on this project is fantastic, however the constant stream of songs about women and drugs can become stale. The only thing that keeps you listening ot it is the fresh approach to some old classics. Ty$ takes “Dead Presidents” and flips it to be about strippers which brings a fresh perspective to what you can do with a song.

The vocals, as said before, are fantastic. Ty$ shines with ability and is rising up to take the spot as Hip Hop’s go to singer. On songs with featured artists, Ty$ really stands out as his style of singing ties together what the featured artists put on the track and helps the project sound a little cohesive, despite the repetitiveness of the song matter.

The production is good, with beats that blend with in with the singers crooning and help to showcase how talented Ty$ is. The project as a whole, production wise, fits together very well and as projects go the production flows together and is a good palate for talent.

Overall, this is not a bad project, and not as good as his “Beach House” projects, but needs a bit more variation in the subject matter to make it a great project. However Ty$ is still a very talented singer and should continue to make great tracks.