Verbel Kent – Anesthesia Review

This album shows a great deal of skill and some good choices for what to rap over. Verbel Kent does a great job of writing his rhymes as well as crafting the songs as a whole.

The production is very choice and is exactly what Verbel Kent needed to showcase his skills to the best of his ability. The beats do not overpower Kent while filling in the spaces where he is not rapping. A few more variations in energy levels and types of backing could lead to some more interesting moments, but the selection here does a really great job of propelling Verbel Kent to success.

The lyricism is great and makes the tracks interesting to listen to. Kent puts together rhymes that are complex without going over the listeners head and this makes the descriptive nature of the songs even better than it first appears. There are no immediate issues with the lyricism on this project, lets hope he can keep it up.

The features are great and help show that Kent can work well with others. Each of them put a lot of effort into thier verses or hooks which really builds the album up to new heights. A few more singing guests could add a new dimension but the way this is put together means that Kent wants to show his own skills and does well at doing that.

Overall, this album is great to listen to and every element is enjoyable. Verbel Kent has crafted a great project that will appeal to appeal to every audiance of Hip Hop.

Statik Selektah – Lucky 7 Review

This is a great album to stick on if you don’t want to be tied down to one artists point of view and opinions. There are a lot of good points on this album that make it enjoyable listening.

The production is really stunning and is the best thing about this album, which is a big deal. Each track is individual and they all cohesively run together without the listener being confused about what song is on. There are no flaws about the beats that Selektah is using to craft a very entertaining album.

As Statik Selektah is a producer putting together this album, the features make up all the lyrics on this project. However they all come with great verses and hooks, which contain a lot of thier own lyrical acrobatics. A few more rappers with a faster flow may have kept the energy flow up a bit through the project, but that may have stopped the balance of the correct atmosphere for each song.

Overall, this is a great album for all audiances of Hip Hop. The smooth production with the quick acrobatic rhymes make for a good time and this is a great stepping stone for Statik Skeletah.

Skyzoo – Music For My Friends Review

This is a great album for the more emotional listener who enjoys those connections to the artist. Skyzoo forges that connection early in the first track and rides it all the way through the project to make it seem like your there with him.

The production is good with plenty of scope for Skyzoo to pour his soul in. There are mostly more layed back beats with a few more uptempo moments which allow for the more emotional moments that Skyzoo requires for the theme. A couple more energetic songs could have made a project more accessible for the masses, but this intimate album is great for real Hip Hop listeners.

The lyricism is great with above average wordplay and fantastic imagery. This all helps to bring the listener into the stories and makes the collection of feelings and tales into more of a journey. Taking this lyrical ability to more universal offerings would make Skyzoo a wider known rapper, but to be able to tell these stories in such depth are great.

The features are good, helping with the story telling aspect. The cohesive nature of the guests makes the tracks all flow together and make the album smooth and not jarred together. A few more guests with more ofa singing ability could add an extra dimension to the album, but there are no problems with the selection.

Overall, this is a good project if your willing to delve into the emotional pool that Skyzoo puts forth. What he has on here, he has crafted very well and should look at making more tracks like this.