Tragedy Khadafi And BP – Immortal Titans Review

This release is great for both Tregedy and BP. The project shows why they have both been in the industry for so long and have no plans to leave.

The production is fantastic, with a lot of old flavour. There is a real classic feel to these songs as they stick to the atmospheres that helped build their careers. Maybe something further from their comfort zone could show how they are growing as artists, but the selection here does compliment the style of the artists.

The lyricism is amazing with plenty of wordplay to keep this entertaining. In every bar you can hear the passion that has kept these two in hip hop for so long. A few switches in flow might help keep things exciting, but the impact from the performances is enormous.

The features all do well with their contributions. Each shows their own skills and helps the tracks play through with a lot of cohesiveness. Some more singers could add a fresh dimension but might not give the right feel for the two main artists.

Overall, this is a strong project for both Tragedy and BP. Both have done great and hopefully they will take this quality forward onto their next ventures.