Gucci Mane – Trapology Review

This mixtape starts off strong but loses momentum as it goes on. The begining has a lot more passion in the rhymes whereas at the end, there is a lot less flare in the delivery.

The production is excellent and fits well with what Gucci Mane is trying to achieve. It is trap beats at thier finest which is exactly what Gucci is known for. A few more backings with a different twist would show more of a diversity in his ability, however Gucci Mane is keeping to what he knows while doing it better than everyone else.

The lyricism is not great by Gucci Mane but it is still enjoyable in context. While every song may have similar content, Gucci does enough to make each diverse with some variety and plenty of features. Gucci may want to try a few new things to keep his music fresh, but his core audiance will still enjoy this a lot.

The features are great on this project and really help to make it as good as it is. With some bigger names than usual and more of a variety of styles, this mixtape has a higher class of guests. There are no flaws with this selection as they are the best part of this effort.

Overall, this is an entertaining and enjoyable mixtape that is keeping Gucci Mane’s high volume of output going. It may have a problem with keeping the effort up, but is still great to listen to.

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Loyalty Review

This is an incorrect title for this project as there appear to be no tracks about loyalty on the project. Its all about money and guns and all the things young men who aren’t already famous rap about. However with his money in hand, Soulja keeps rapping about the same things and it doesn’t come across as genuine.

The production is bass heavy and can be enjoyed, even with Soulja Boy rapping over the top. With such emphasis on bass, the beats can come across as one dimensional but there is enough variation and work through the album, that this is not too much of a problem.

The lyricism is poor at best with only a few instances of wordplay at all. Soulja seems to spend a lot of time repeating the same or similar phrases throughout all of the tracks and it makes for poor listening. Soulja needs to make some major adjustments to his rap style and improve his level of lyrical techniques if he wants to move forward in Hip Hop.

The features are slightly better than Soulja Boy but run in similar lanes to him and, while it does elevate the overall project, it is only a slight increase. They each put in good efforts and the delivery is better than Soulja and yet the overall album falls flat.

Overall, this is poor effort on every track and the title does not reflect what the songs are about. Soulja Boy needs to start thinking about the word cohesive and how it could be applied to his own work to help make a better overall album.