The Game – Block Wars Review

If this soundtrack is a reflection of the game when it releases, it is going to be great. While some of it sounds like material that didn’t make it onto Game’s last release, it all works very well for this project as it might have for the other.

The production is exactly what this project is aimed for, with deep bass and gritty street backings mixed with some softer, more upbeat offerings to help balance it all out. Game has always had a fantastic ear for beats, which is clear on here as the tracks all have the atmosphere each song needs. For the purpose it needs to serve, this is a great platform for Game to work with.

The lyricism is exactly what this project needs. It is clever and catchy, while expressing aggression and light heartedness in the appropriate places.  There are changes in flows to help keep in interesting and it all comes together to stop this being a stale offering of similar songs to ones Game has offered before.

There is only one feature on this project who helps to add a new dimension as she is a singer. She does a great job showing what she can do, and of bringing diversity to this project. It is great to see Game taking more of the action for himself instead of having guests everywhere to help bear the load.

Overall, this is a great soundtrack for a game that will be successful if it is as good as this listen through. Game is on a roll recently but lets hope his increase in quantity doesnt lead to a drop in quality.

Dr Dre – Compton Review

This album is crafted to perfection and Dr Dre has made a fantastic listening experiance. It may not be for everyone, but fans of real Hip Hop will adore what has been made here.

The production is flawless with easy transitions and the tracks have an atmosphere that fits perfectly with what they are trying to perpetrate. The beats are smooth and cohesive, allowing the story of Compton to flow easily to the listener. There are no issues with this selection and there should not be with Dr Dre being as talented as he is.

The lyricism is great as it ranges from incredibly intricate to passionate and emotional. While Dr Dre openly admits to not writing all his rhymes, his delivery and the power he puts behind them really land the meaning deep with a lot of impact. For some of the audiance, the fact Dr Dre did not write all of it could tarnish it for them, however he conducts his feelings through them accurately and powerfully.

The features are a huge part of this projectand help to make this a milestone in the rap game. There are a core group who appear repetively and consistently put a lot of effort and pleasure into the tracklist. The other guests all do a really excellent job of putting across thier feeling of genorosity towards how Dre has shaped thier career and that translates into thier rhymes. There were absolutely no problems with the feature selection here.

Overall, Dr Dre has once again shown that his level of ability and experiance in Hip Hop have allowed him to make a really amazing album. It may not be Detox, but from what the public have heard, this is much more personnal.