Travis Porter – 3 Live Krew Review

This project is a very one track re-imagined into fifteen remakes. All the songs come across as single dimensional and it does not make for a lot of replay ability, with fifteen songs about women and what Travis does/will do to them does not make for stretched enjoyable listening.

The production is alright but can seem repetitive due to the lack of substantial content. The beats are not encapsulating but can be good for one listen if you need a bit of a pick me up. More beats that try to explore more messages in Hip Hop would improve this project by making it more rounded to the audiance.

The lyricism is alright but is too focused on one topic to be really impressive. While Travis does a good job of managing to write enough rhymes about that particular topic but it does not have a lot of lyrical acrobatics or much that is complex but it can be mildly entertaining on the first listen.

The features are also enjoyable the first time, but it can be stale as they are simply saying the same things as Travis. Each puts in some good effort that helps create some more creative verses but it is difficult to connect with. Possibly, some features from further a field than Hip Hop could make some more interesting songs, especially since these are repetitive.

Overall, this project shows that Travis Porter can make songs about women but he needs to expand his range and utilise his words more effectively. He has shown he can make a track for one audiance in Hip Hop but needs to be able to talk to more listeners.

Zuse – Illegal Immigrant Review

Zuse has very distinct voice and dialect, but this doesn’t mean he can be extremely repetitive and call it entertainment. While he does have good verses, the chorus’ are long and very repetitive which drags the song down, despite them being very catchy.

The production is good but very limited in its range of tones which can make it difficult to really understand Zuse as he has very low vocal tones aswell. The project is full of dark, resounding bass and creates an almost throbbing backing for Zuse to rap over. This makes a very specific range of enjoyability for the audience.

The lyricism is alright in the verses but the hooks are very simple and repetitive which, while they are catchy, can create a boring track overall. Zuse does have some wordplay and other lyrical techniques but the hooks disappointment far outweigh the verses greatness.

The features are good, especially T.I, and they help to bring more diversity to the project. Zuse can be difficult to listen to for a full length project but with the features, it helps break up the monotony and makes a much better listening experience.

Overall, This is an enjoyable project if you like the formula that Zuse works with, deep voice with deep toned trap music, but if you like something with some up and downs in, more of a roller-coaster ride, then this is not for you.

Spodee – The B.I.D Review

This is another project that falls into the trap of being constantly doing the same thing on each track with only the occasional change in pace, content or any other factor. More diversity would lead to a greater project. it would be an even greater project if Spodee was diversified from the many other trap rappers out there and stood out from the crowd.

The production is very good, but needs to change gear more frequently to become great. All of the beats are trap beats, or are at least derived from trap beats, and become almost hypnotic in the sense that they just flow from one into the other without really being able to tell when one song ends and another begins. The only way to tell really is when there is a pause with no music at all.

The lyricism is ok, but is only great in a few spots. Spodee spits mostly about generic content with generic schemes with a few moments that break into greater lyricism.but these are few and far between. If Spodee wants to break out from being “just another trap rapper” he needs to start trying something new and not just making more of the same.

The features are good and are the only thing that could bring any changes to the mixtape. All of them are different from Spodee and really help to bring new angles to the project. Each of them bring a new opinion and a fresh voice to their tracks and help detract from the continuous sounds of Spodee being the same as everyone else.

Overall, this is an ok project if you like a typical Spodee track, which all of these are, but if not, you should stay away from this one. Considering some of the competition in the rap game today, Spodee needs to step his game up to get even sloe to Hip Hop’s elite.