Nike Basketball Lebron Soldier Nine Shoe Review

This shoe is fantastically comfortable and has plenty of features to secure your foot inside the shoe. The use of the technologies is great with a wider audiance due to the Flyease technology.

Flyease is the latest development due to a message recieved from a young person with physical limitations. He asked for a shoe that was easierr to get on and off and that would be secure. Nike have then opened the sides up more on the shoe and added additional foot straps so that the foot is easier to get into and out of the shoe, while the straps mean you can tighten different parts of the shoe to your perfect level of comfort.

The outline design is similar to the previous model, minus the strapping, but with a small hyperposite like shape up the outside for additional stability. The toe box is pretty fluid allowing for plenty of flexibility but be careful if you like to keep your shoes pristine as the sheen across the front will flake off easily if you catch it on anything.

The laces help lockdown the mid section of the shoe and the straps hold down the rest. The outsole has good traction and helps propel the wearer forward.

Overall, this is a great shoe for all to wear, but is especially relevant to those who may find your typical shoe difficult to wear. Well done to Nike for expanding thier audiance.