Lloyd Banks – Halloween Havoc 3 Review

This project shows that Lloyd Banks can still write absolute bars and that people should respect his name. This themed project doesn’t do the man justice, but is still a great listen.

The production is different, while the more horror-core influence to fit with the Halloween name. The use of darker sounds makes a great atmosphere but sounds like there could be something missing as it doesn’t have the high impact that makes it resonate with the listener. Maybe with a different or no theme, Banks could make some tracks to land harder with the listener.

The lyricism is gold with Banks showing why some call him the Punch Line King. His rhymes are all complex and full of top level wordplay that leaves the audience wanting more. His delivery can come across as monotone and his hooks need a little spicing up, but he is definitely one of the best writers out there right now.

Overall this is a great themed listen for Halloween, but much like Halloween it wont be around very long. However with no features it should show any rap fan that Lloyd Banks should be remembered for how well he writes rather than as simply a member of G-unit.

Shotty Horroh – Sixteen Minutes Past Three Review

This album has a lot of greatness from Shotty Horroh but could actually do with some beefed up production. Shotty utilises his battling skills to make some lyrical genius and make this a joy to listen to.

The production is a good basis for Shotty to work with but does not carry its own weight. It gives plenty of room for the artist to do thier work, but would be weak on its own. It does not have a lot of its own firepower but does allow Shotty to accomplish his rhyme goals.

The lyricism is excellent and Shotty Horroh does a lot of good work here. He uses a few different techniques and flows to keep things fresh and interesting. There are no issues with what Shotty is doing here, except possibly widening his fanbase with some more radio friendly tracks.

The features do a great job of adding other points of view and fleshing out this project. Each brings a good verse that adds plenty to the track they are on. A few guests who sing or are more mainstream could have brought this more attention, however this is a very enjoyable listening experiance.

Overall, this album is very enjoyable to listen to and shows many sides of Shotty Horroh. This is a good step into the public eye of music and hopefully his success reflects his talent.