Apolla Brown – Grandeur Review

This album is a great listen through for a more settled down scene that is filled with passion. Apollo provides a great backing that never overpowers the rhymes and chooses those who fit in with his style very well.

The production is smooth and captures the essence of the song perfectly. Most seem to have a more old school feel as they dont rely on alien noises to make them appealing to the young generation. They are more substantial and soothing than that. Apolla puts across his beats well, with enough variation to show he is not stuck to one formula.

The features are good and reflect the style Apollo puts across very well. Each brings a lot of effort and pride with thier rhymes to make the tracks they are on shine out. A lot of them have worked with Apollo before and that shows in the chemistry of thier songs. There are no real issues with the guest selection on here, but Apollo may want to look into people further away from the genre to create even more of a buzz.

Overall, this is a great listen and a fantastic showcase for Apollo Brown’s beats. The way his backings works combined with the selected features molds an album that works well for everyone involved.

Verbel Kent – Anesthesia Review

This album shows a great deal of skill and some good choices for what to rap over. Verbel Kent does a great job of writing his rhymes as well as crafting the songs as a whole.

The production is very choice and is exactly what Verbel Kent needed to showcase his skills to the best of his ability. The beats do not overpower Kent while filling in the spaces where he is not rapping. A few more variations in energy levels and types of backing could lead to some more interesting moments, but the selection here does a really great job of propelling Verbel Kent to success.

The lyricism is great and makes the tracks interesting to listen to. Kent puts together rhymes that are complex without going over the listeners head and this makes the descriptive nature of the songs even better than it first appears. There are no immediate issues with the lyricism on this project, lets hope he can keep it up.

The features are great and help show that Kent can work well with others. Each of them put a lot of effort into thier verses or hooks which really builds the album up to new heights. A few more singing guests could add a new dimension but the way this is put together means that Kent wants to show his own skills and does well at doing that.

Overall, this album is great to listen to and every element is enjoyable. Verbel Kent has crafted a great project that will appeal to appeal to every audiance of Hip Hop.