John John Da Don – The Care Package Review

This is a good step into getting John John’s tracks heard and good tracks they are. They have everything that a good track needs and are very enjoyable to listen through.

The production is good and, although not all original beats, create a great atmosphere that makes this much easier to listen to. The usage of some popular beats for John John to flow over is a good choice to showcase what he can do where others have tried. The original beats on here show that John John can create a song of his own without relying on others to lay out the plan first.

The lyricism is top notch and shows John John can take his skills from battling to making tracks without missing a step. Almost every line has a lyrical device intwined to make this project more enjoyable for fans of a lyrical nature. John John shows he can involve a lot of lyrical power in his lines without compromising the message of the song.

The features are good too as they each provide a contrast to John John himself. With some big names as well as some unknowns, John John shows that he can rap with the best of them and shows he is as good, if not better than the features on this project.

Overall, this is a great project for fans of lyricism and a good one for fans of production. The blend of clever lyrics with the good production help to make some great tracks that should propel John John to higher levels of fame.

Serius Jones – Living Legend Review

While this is not a standout project in the music industry, with only a few standout tracks, it isn’t a bad project. It is a solid showcase of What Serius does and how he does it.

His lyricism is not as prominent as it is in his battles but he still brings his game to the tracks. His distinctive tone of voice and arrogant attitude shine through to create a good on track persona.

The production is a bit inconsistent but is individual on each track. It sounds a bit raw and unrefined but fits with what Serius is doing on the track so the project blends quite well.

Overall this is definitely worth a go or two, but it leaves much to be desired. There is room for improvement but it isn’t a bad project. It is a good basis to build a name but Serius supposedly already has a name through battling and therefor this project does not reflect his true talents.