A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service Review

This is a great project from a legendary group. Not only does it show that there is still a way to make unique sounding music, but it is the best farewell they could ever give to Phife Dawg, may he rest in peace.

The production is full of the jazz influences you would expect to hear from this group. They use the instruments to create great atmosphere throughout the project as well as affect the energy as it flows through the songs. There are some moments that are sudden changes but they are out there for effect and are not mistakes as they are part of how the project plays out.

The lyricism is great with each member who raps doing a great job of showing their signature flow with enjoyable rhymes to make tracks that are thought provoking and yet easy listening. maybe a few more changes between flows could make slightly more impact, but there are no weaknesses in the performances on this album.

The features are great as each shows off their own impressive skills while showing great chemistry with the group. All are uncredited on the album which means that on first listen through they are a surprise and are somewhat refreshing. This is a nice touch as there is a good balance between singers and rappers which leads to a smooth project on each listen through.

Overall, this is a great alternative project from what is popular in the mainstream and should help show people that rap is more than the generic pop tunes. Each member should be proud that they could make Phife Dawg’s last project as great as this.

Dumbfoundead – We Might Die Review

This mixtape is a good showing for both Dumbfoundead and battle rappers everywhere. While some of the songs miss the mark, this is still a solid project to help show that battle rappers can make good music.

The production is pretty good, with some not quite making as big a splash as might be necessary. However while a tiny handful fall slightly short, the others hit their mark exactly, working well with Dumbfoundead’s style as well as stand alone beats. Maybe something with a slower pace would show a bit more diversity, and while not perfect, this is a great start in mainstream beat picking.

The lyricism is great with Dumbfoundead showing how he became a staple name in the battle rap world. His clever lyricism works well with his imagery and shows that he can translate his rhymes to a beat with only minimal discomfort. Some changes in pace and flow could help with the variety portion, but Dumbfoundead should catch more peoples attention with this release.

The features are great as they show how other people pay attention to the battle rap world. Each puts in a good effort for their verse and shows their own skills, while challenging each other to do better. Maybe some singing could help expand the potential audience but Dumbfoundead can always explore that on any upcoming project.

Overall, this project is important for the culture the world over to help bring battle rap more to the foreground of mainstream attention. Dumbfoundead shows he has immense talent and will only improve further after this release.

Prospectt – Are We Finished Or Are We Done Review

While not the best known artist, Prospectt has put together some respectable efforts over the last few years and each sounds more polished than the one before. This new project is no exception.

The production is smooth and works well with the content provided. Each makes a great atmosphere as well as not jarring at all during a listen through. The selection here, for the purposes of the songs, is excellent but it would be good to see what Prospectt selects for other topics.

The lyricism is good and helps with the emotional aspect of the project. While it is not the most complex wordplay, Prospectt makes rhymes that excel in story telling while still being intelligent. He may want to look a bit more at if he is on beat or off beat as he switches between the two a lot, but everything else is excellent.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable five track release that should help raise Prospectt’s profile in the Hip Hop community. If he continues like this, he should have a very successful career.

Goldlink – And After That, We Didn’t Talk Review

This album is fantastic with the self described “future bounce” sound making this a very interesting listen.  track has an enticing message while being delivered in a fresh way.

The production is great with plenty of energy while keeping that thought provoking atmosphere. The beats do not sound negative but allow some very real and honest content to be explored by Goldlink. Maybe some beats from a different sub-genre of Hip Hop could show a more versatile ability from the main artist, but there are no issues with his backing selection here.

The lyricism is amazing with his storytelling being enhanced by his wordplay. Goldlink uses his experiances with his complicated rhymes to make lyrics that can be enjoyed by a lot of different audiances. Maybe some songs that have more of a happy overtone could show that Goldlink can bring in even more listeners, but the tracks on here are pretty universal in entertainment.

Overall, this album is fantastic for Goldlink and for the new generation of rappers. The choice to have no features and only show his ability has paid off in a big way.