Yakki Divioshi, Issa and Coca Vango – Best Kept Secrets Review

This is a good advertising mixtape for all the featured artists to help get thier names up, but there is nothing in this that shows that they should be in the mainstream’s eye. While the trio can make perfectly reasonable generic music, it doesn’t do anything to make it personal ot them and make it thier own.

The production is good for what the main artists want to rap about, but there is nothing to make it stand out from the rest of the beats that are out in the world and only helps the tracks seem more average rather than excellent. Some more attempts at something out of thier comfort zone may create some more interesting results.

The lyricism is not above average and may even be considered below average. While they each have some good delivery and performance giving ability, there is nothing very complex about what it is that they are rapping about. With some more creativity thrown in, this may have been a much more well recieved track list.

It is a good choice to have no features are not to force songs where all three of them are putting in verses. THis way, the songs at least become cohesive instead of jarring and out of place. This is one of the best things about this mixtape.

Overall, this is an average mixtape but is a good way to get the main artists more recognition. If they want to get higher on the rap ladder, they need to try making songs that are more universal and apply to the more average man, rather than just to people who have experianced exactly the same as them.

Problem – OT: Outta Town Review

This is a better than expected project from Problem as he has really started separating himself from the ordinary rappers into a faster lane for himself. If he can continue to move in this direction, then he may become more of a household name than he currently holds.

The production is excellent for the music Problem is providing. The beats are street gritty while still seeming polished and varied enough to cover a lot of ground on content and tempo. At twenty one tracks long, there is a lot fo ground to be covered but the project stays interesting to the end because of the beats involved. It is possible for the beats to be slightly more structured but it can be said that this project is great from a production perspective.

The lyricism is not the most complex but is average combined with excellent delivery to create an enjoyable listen from a rap side of things. Problem does a great job in putting his passion into his rhymes and it comes across as a fantastic performance on every track. Some more complicated wordplay may bring in a wider audiance but Problem does a great job rapping on this mixtape.

The features put in a great effort and come up with some fantastic verses that help keep this mixtape feeling fresh and stopping it getting stale across its twenty one tracks. With some big names on here, it shows that Problem has some connections in Hip Hop and that those connections think that Problem has some potential in the rap game.

Overall, this is a great effort from Problem and an enjoyable listen to. It may be a bit more chilled than some are expecting but it is still energetic and puts Problem in a strong position moving further into the new year.

Yakki Divioshi – Load Da Clip Review

This project started off quite promising with a lot of potential but you may find yourself just waiting for the tracks to stop. While it starts with some good enthusiasm and catchy beats, it quickly descends into mindless generic trap music that fails to entertain.

The beats are alright to begin with but become very repetitive and simply become noise after a few tracks. The production is trap music and is by nature repetitive, but there are very few attempts to diversify each song and makes a boring listening experience for a full listen through.

The lyricism is poor and Yakki relies heavily on his shouty delivery to force the lyrics to be entertaining. The is a lot of shouting and some background yelling in an attempt to make any lyrics at all entertaining which works at first but not for the entire play through.

The features are alright and help show extra dimensions to the music but it is not enough to make them fun to listen to. While they try hard to put in good and enjoyable efforts, the overall song is still not up to standard and makes the features feel wasted.

Overall, this is not a good overall effort for Yakki and he has a lot of work to do to make a good overall project. While the first one or two tracks come across as good, the rest are simply listening time that can’t be enjoyed.