TIP – Da’ Nic EP Review

This EP is a good showing for TIP, Also Known as T.I, as it shows off his skills while getting a few messages across while also being extremely enjoyable. As EPs go, this is a good one.

The production is classic TIP with the refined trap feel, while being open enough for him to explore other content. The sounds used help to keep the beats fresh while not overpowering the actual rhymes. A bit more variation could push TIP to some more interesting challenges, but the backing selection here works well with his style.

The lyricism is good and shows that TIP has not missed a step in his career. He uses a range of techniques to convey his points and utilises a few flows to keep the delivery interesting. It will be interesting to see if he can keep this up with his next LP.

The choice to have two features is a good choice as it gives more space for TIP to show what he is still capable of. To have them both on the same track works well in this case as, with only five tracks, this means he proves he can work well with others while keeping plenty of room for himself. On such a short project, his choice of featurees makes sense, but on a full length album, he will need to make sure not just to pick guests like this.

Overall, this is a very entertaining EP with plenty of replay value. TIP must now capitalise on this momentum and carry it forward to his upcoming LP.

Problem – OT: Outta Town Review

This is a better than expected project from Problem as he has really started separating himself from the ordinary rappers into a faster lane for himself. If he can continue to move in this direction, then he may become more of a household name than he currently holds.

The production is excellent for the music Problem is providing. The beats are street gritty while still seeming polished and varied enough to cover a lot of ground on content and tempo. At twenty one tracks long, there is a lot fo ground to be covered but the project stays interesting to the end because of the beats involved. It is possible for the beats to be slightly more structured but it can be said that this project is great from a production perspective.

The lyricism is not the most complex but is average combined with excellent delivery to create an enjoyable listen from a rap side of things. Problem does a great job in putting his passion into his rhymes and it comes across as a fantastic performance on every track. Some more complicated wordplay may bring in a wider audiance but Problem does a great job rapping on this mixtape.

The features put in a great effort and come up with some fantastic verses that help keep this mixtape feeling fresh and stopping it getting stale across its twenty one tracks. With some big names on here, it shows that Problem has some connections in Hip Hop and that those connections think that Problem has some potential in the rap game.

Overall, this is a great effort from Problem and an enjoyable listen to. It may be a bit more chilled than some are expecting but it is still energetic and puts Problem in a strong position moving further into the new year.