Gucci Mane – Trapology Review

This mixtape starts off strong but loses momentum as it goes on. The begining has a lot more passion in the rhymes whereas at the end, there is a lot less flare in the delivery.

The production is excellent and fits well with what Gucci Mane is trying to achieve. It is trap beats at thier finest which is exactly what Gucci is known for. A few more backings with a different twist would show more of a diversity in his ability, however Gucci Mane is keeping to what he knows while doing it better than everyone else.

The lyricism is not great by Gucci Mane but it is still enjoyable in context. While every song may have similar content, Gucci does enough to make each diverse with some variety and plenty of features. Gucci may want to try a few new things to keep his music fresh, but his core audiance will still enjoy this a lot.

The features are great on this project and really help to make it as good as it is. With some bigger names than usual and more of a variety of styles, this mixtape has a higher class of guests. There are no flaws with this selection as they are the best part of this effort.

Overall, this is an entertaining and enjoyable mixtape that is keeping Gucci Mane’s high volume of output going. It may have a problem with keeping the effort up, but is still great to listen to.

Lil Reese – Supa Savage 2 Review

This is a mixtape populated with generic songs with a slightly above average delivery and extremely average wordplay. Lil Reese is doing little to push himself into the public eye.

The production is good, but it doesn’t act as great backing. Each one can be enjoyed and there is a lot of cohesion between the beats. A few more backings where Lil Reese doesn’t struggle to be better than the beat would improve this project, however that does not appear ot be his style.

The lyricism is average and does not really add to the experiance of the songs, which is unfortunate. Lil Reese uses some good techniques but there is nothing memorable about what he is rapping. He needs to develop more impact with what he is saying by delivery and substance.

The features are alright and show how much Lil Reese needs to improve. Each brings a good verse and a better chemistry with the production. Some features that push Lil Reese to new heights without over shadowing him would be better choices.

Overall, this mixtape could be better crafted but possesses enough falr that people who are already fans of Lil Reese could enjoy it. However for the masses, it may fall flat.

Gucci Mane – King Gucci Review

This album has more classic trap music from one of the best to make it, and the way the project is structured makes all of it enjoyable. It is fairly short in comparison to some of Gucci’s mixtapes which helps keep it cohesive and enjoyable.

The production is good and works well with the type of music Gucci makes. On this project, each beat is diversified and helps make each track standout and stop them rolling into one. As this has been a problem on previous projects, it is good to hear a choicer selection of beats used on a Gucci project.

The lyricism is not complex but can be enjoyable. While his actual wordplay is fairly average, and his delivery can become stale, his continuous working of the beats with pure catchiness makes an entertaining listen. He still may want to make his wordplay more complicated but there is no doubt that Gucci makes energetic music.

The features are good as they are different enough from Gucci that they have impact on the tracks. Each has a good verse that shows the main artist can work well with others. However it may be good for Gucci to look for features further afield from his own style.

Overall, this is an enjoyable mixtape with a lot of highlights. Gucci is showing he is still a force in Hip Hop and that people shouldn’t forget about him. 

Future – Monster Review

This is an album filled with songs that are not only formulaic and fairly repetitive, but are also already present on previous projects. While there are some new tracks some, maybe most, have been on mixtapes released before hand to promote the project.

The production is good and helps to bring the project up to a more enjoyable level. While each track is not unique, they are differentiated enough to distinguish them from one another. Some beats that don’t sound like they were cranked out of a machine, but are played on instruments may bolster the entertainment further.

The lyricism is improving but is not nearly enough to drive the tracks. Future is well known for his use of autotune and while it can make some songs more fulfilling to the listener, it detracts from his delivery and performance overall. If Future showed what he could do without autotune, he may gain more followers.

The features are alright but don’t bring out the best in Future. While they may put on good individual performances, they simply show that Future can work with others, but at the cost of showing his lyrical weaknesses. He may want to find some guests who would bring out more of a competitive side.

Overall, this is a mediocre album that simply reminds the listener of previous projects that Future has released. Future makes music that a certain audiance enjoys, but he needs to work harder to move in a fresh direction and gain a wider audiance.

Trust Gang – The Trust Tape 2 Review

This is a step up from thier first project and was a very polished result. All the rappers have stepped thier game up and the production is a lot smoother.

The production is moving in the right direction for the group and helps to show that this group knows how to move forward in thier careers. The way the tracks flow together and yet dont blend together is a great feat in itself. Each song has its own feel and atmosphere that helps to show what Trust Gang are capable of. Some more high energy, club beats could help show a little more diversity, however what they have going here is still good.

The lyricism is definately improved as shown by some accapella tracks. The wordplay has become more complex while still making sense to most listeners and the rap techniques are thoroughly ingrained through almost every bar of the mixtape. There aren’t a lot of problems with the lyrics in this project and every member should be commended on thier efforts.

The features are good on this but they do not quite live up to the Trust Gang members performances. They put in good effort but their verses are simply not as enjoyable as the main artists. If they had tried to make themselves stand out more, than this could have improved the tracks they are on.

Overall, this project is a statement that Trust Gang are heading forward in the rap game and know how to make songs that people will want to listen to. If they make some radio ready tracks, then they could really start gaining some traction.

Young Scooter – Jug Season Review

This is a very strange project as it consistently shows Young Scooter in a less than average light but with some big production and some good features. The way Scooter raps on these tracks does not seem worthy of such assistance.

The production is repetitive and is extremely similar the whole way through the mixtape. All the beats are trap beats which in their nature use the same thing over and over. However they are made entertaining by the rapper, which doesn’t happen on this project.

The lyricism is pretty much non-existent. Young Scooter focuses on the street level content to drive the songs on, but that isn’t enough. There is no complicated wordplay or any sort of lyrical device that will appeal to fans of that level of Hip Hop. Scooter needs to take it up a notch if he expects to become more of a household name.

The features are better than Scooter without being too far ahead. They appear on a lot of tracks and on each one they add a level of comparison. Each is similar to Scooter in the sense of the same content but they each seem to try and add a level of lyrical combat to their verses.

Overall, this can be enjoyed but only by a small group of Hip Hop listeners. If Young Scooter wants to grow in fame, then he needs to try something new and branch out.

YGG Tay – Rich Before Rap Review

There is nothing in this project to suggest that YGG Tay is going to be a hit in Hip Hop. He simply comes across as another dealer thinking he can rap, or a wannabe drug dealer with the same thoughts. He needs to show he is superior to the rest of the wannabes to be considered a threat in the rap game.

The production is alright but with no groundbreaking areas that really impress. There are a lot of generic trap beats that are entertaining simply because of the energy involved in them but there is nothing particularly special about them. There are no signature sounds involved by any particularly adept producer which leaves this project lacking luster.

The lyricism is barely perceptible over the poor delivery. There are some lyrical techniques used to make it slightly more appealing but Tay needs to bring up his delivery so that the bars are harder hitting and any clever lyrics involved actually land harder than they currently do.

The features are alright but are in the same vein as YGG Tay which only leaves a different voice with the same type of rap. This is unfortunate as the features only show that there are others out there like YGG Tay and not that Tay is better than them. If Tay wants to improve, he needs other rappers to compete against for best on the tracks.

Overall, this is a poor project to show what YGG Tay is capable of and is a disappointing mixtape. Tay has a long way to go if he wants to become more of a household name or even have a widely acceptable style of rap.

Project Pat – Cheez N Dope 3 Review

This is a generic sounding project that dies not live up to Project Pat’s potential. The large majority of it is repetitive and simply forgettable with a few exceptions. Even the features make Pat look average. This is not the project that shows Pat in his best light.

The production is mediocre to start but does improve towards the end of the mixtape. It feels weak at the beginning with Pat’s aggressive delivery far overshadowing the beats. However as the project plays through the production builds in strength and helps to improve the tracks overall. By the end the production is slightly above average production but still not great.

The lyricism is poor but Pat’s delivery helps make it more entertaining. There is a lot of repetition and some basic wordplay but nothing that might interest fans of pure Hip Hop lyricism. Pat sticks to what he knows with content, style and even some of the features but his lyricism needs some work if he wants to expand his audience.

The features are good, but show that Project Pat isn’t as good a performer as he thinks. The other features outshine Pat and make him look average or worse. Juicy J especially makes him look worse because his style is so similar to Pat’s own but he does it much better. This is not a good look for Pat.

Overall, if your a fan of Pat’s previous work, you might enjoy this. However if your looking for something classic and timeless to listen to, this may not be the choice your looking for. If Pat wants to appeal to a wider audience, he needs to change a lot of things.