Belly – Inzombia Review

This project is a showcase of how talented Belly is. He has got the right feel and talents to bring this emotional and haunting project to the public and make it a success.

The production has an apocalyptic feel which creates the atmosphere needed for Belly to explore his self destructive emotions. The almost empty nature the beats create is exactly what the project needs to land home hard which is not easy with the deep nature of the content. Normally a suggestion of a more energetic track would help show some balance, but that would upset the whole point of this project.

The lyricism is clever and does a great job showing how Belly has grown as an artist. He uses multi-schemes to punctuate his lines and paint vivid images for the listener to experience. He doesn’t make many mistakes, but maybe some more experimenting with his flow could make some more interesting moments.

The features are good as they bring great and versatile verses to this project. Each shows their own ability while showing that what Belly has gone through is not a unique experience. Maybe some more singers would make this flow a little easier, but his selection of guests is fantastic.

Overall, this is a dark view of Belly’s deep, dark self that he puts masterfully into music. This should show audiences that Belly is a complicated man as well as a talented musician.

Chinx – Welcome To JFK Review

This album is enjoyable to listen to and is a great album that Chinx would be proud of. There are a lot of good moments that make this album likely to be listened to again.

The production runs very well throughout the project and really helps the transitions between the songs. All the beats are refined so that each of the songs can be enjoyed together or taken individually which is a good quality for an album to have. A few more higher energy songs could have pumped the project up a bit more, however Chinx does well over the beats he selected.

The lyricism is good and does a great job of increasing the level of entertainment. This is mostly due to the clever wordplay and the meaning behind the songs. An increase in complexity of the lyricism and a touch more diversity in his flow could have made Chinx’s performance better, but he certainly has not made any bad decisions here.

The features do a great job fleshing out the tracks with other opinions and points of view. The guests all bring good verses that, while showing what each of them is capable of, work well with Chinx’s style as well. A few singing guests could ass another dimension but the people on this help make it the album that it is.

Overall, this is a good album that has been crafted for Hip Hop audiances to enjoy. May Chinx be proud of this as he rests in peace.

Chinx – Cocaine Riot 5 Review

This is packed with good tracks that could be popular, but they seem too long to keep the listeners interest which stops this being a good project overall. This is unfortunate as if it was more cohesive, it will be an even greater feat of Hip Hop.

The production is good and is energetic but can sometimes be too much for Chinx to stand out over. While there is an emphasis on beats in this modern age of Hip Hop, the lyricist should still be a main point instead of fading away into the background. While the production is good, it is supposed to let the artist shine and Chinx does come through, but not enough to make what he is saying amazing.

The lyricism is alright but is mainly focused on content and fitting as many gun/drug references in as possible. With limited lyrical techniques involved to improve the actual lyrics, it is mainly focused on trying to solidify Chinx street status and on making sure everyone knows that he knows about narcotics and weapons.

The features are alright but follow in the same vein as Chinx himself so don’t bring a lot to the project overall. They are mostly¬†different voices doing the same things on the tracks and it is just mildly confusing when they switch rather than entertaining.

Overall, this would be a good mixtape but it is very repetitive and needs to do more to bring more diversity to be more enticing. It is interesting to hear at the beginning of each track, but as each track runs on they become dull and need to bring more to the table to keep things interesting.