Lil Uzi Vert And Gucci Mane – 1017 Vs The World Review

This project is a strange release because it isn’t very long but is not as cohesive as would be expected. Both the artists do their thing but it doesn’t grab the listener the way some of their solo releases have.

The production is strong with some very memorable beats from some strong talent. Each is strong, with similarities to each other but without being confused for one another. Both the artists usually use these type of beats so something further from their comfort zone would be an interesting mix.

The lyricism is not great but the performance factor helps to improve the rhymes. While there is some wordplay, it isn’t intended to be a main focus here as they rely more on delivery to be the biggest factor. Some more complicated rhymes might open this up to a wider audience.

Overall, this is an entertaining release because of the energy and vibrant nature of the music. However it has no longevity and some evolution of the artists may keep them making money.

Future – Beast Mode Review

This is more of the same Future that we get on each project and track that we get from here. The difference here is the production from Zaytoven combined with his chemistry with Future makes these very cohesive and well blended tracks that are of a more enjoyable quality than normal.

Zaytoven does very well with the production to keep it interesting while allowing Future to take a front seat. The sounds used and the tempo make this energetic and fluid project easy to listen to and actually pretty fun. The way each song transitions into the next would make it seem like one long track if the beats weren’t differentiated the way they are.

The lyricism is alright but Future focuses on autotune delivery to make these tracks more interesting. The lyrics dont seem to be as important to Future as the level of autotune as there is a lot of repetition on these tracks. If he tried to be more original and tried shaking up his approach to music, Future may go a lot further in the Hip Hop business.

The feature does well to alleviate the repetitive nature of autotune and content by adding a new angle and delivery to the whole project. Although there is only one feature on one track, Juvenile does good work in putting in the verse that bumps this project up a few ranks in the ratings.

Overall, this is an alright project for Future but a great one for Zaytoven. Future needs to re-evaluate his approach to a track while Zaytoven needs to keep putting in work like this and he will get more recognition.